Sam Bradford tunes in, drops out at Coachella

Sam Bradford was at Coachella, and it was not a hologram

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Blog Photo - Sam Bradford tunes in, drops out at CoachellaDUUUUUDE! In the aftermath of this weekend's Coachella Music and Arts Festival, we have numerous eyewitness reports that St. Louis Rams quarterback and 2010 Offensive Rookie of the Year Sam Bradford was in attendance, with his very attractive 19-year-old lady friend.

We also have photos, courtesy the gossip blog Just Jared. Just Jared also reports that Rams receiver Danny Amendola was onhand at the Indio, CA rock festival as well.

The attractive 19-year-old lady friend is a fairly successful model named Karlie Kloss, and the two of them are rumored to be an item. I'm guessing from that photo that she's not picking out his shirts for him yet, and I would urge her to start doing so at once. That sweater is a either a hand-me-down from Bill Cosby, or the worst Denver Nuggets throwback merchandise ever invented.

Eagle-eyed commenters in the comments section point out that the fellow behind Ms. Kloss is actually Rams defensive end Chris Long. For whatever reason, Long has strips of teal eye-black painted beneath his eyes. At night.

Blog Photo - Sam Bradford tunes in, drops out at CoachellaYou may very well complain that this story has absolutely nothing to do with NFL football, and is merely a crass attempt to jack up page views. Say I were to attach a photo to the right wherein Ms. Kloss is posing with another chick, and they are both showing plenty of side-cleavage. Then are we cool?

In actual football-related Sam Bradford news, Bradford shook his post-Coachella daze and attended the Rams' veteran mini-camp on Tuesday. Bradford went straight from partying on the West Coast to learning a new variation of the West Coast Offense.

"I'm glad that we have a quarterbacks coach (Frank Cignetti) now," Bradford told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "Sometimes some of the little things such as drops, footwork, throwing mechanics kind of got put aside as opposed to putting reads and everything in front. ... I think it's going to be great for my development."
New head coach Jeff Fisher and new offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer are installing a system wherein Bradford will share playcalling duties and pre-snap adjustment responsibilities with his new starting center, ex-Green Bay Packer Scott Wells.

Bradford's numbers took a little tumble after his 2010 Rookie of the Year campaign, and he missed six games with a high ankle sprain. The Rams are confident enough in Bradford that they traded "the RGIII pick" at No. 2 overall to the Washington Redskins.
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Quantum Leap References = EPIC WIN.

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Pat wrote:
That really is a hideous sweater. But the lady friend makes up for it.

...and hopefully Sam Bradford has that sweater dry cleaned before he returns it to Krusty The Clown's closet

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He's on something when that photo was taken.

4/18/12   |   Pat   |   5235 respect

That really is a hideous sweater. But the lady friend makes up for it.