San Antonio Spurs take the NBA Title

Spurs win Title in Five

6/16/14 in NBA   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

Blog Photo - San Antonio Spurs take the NBA TitleIt took five games for the San Antonio Spurs to dispatch the Miami Heat.  It is the Spurs' fifth title and a bit of payback after last year's loss in the finals.  That series went seven games with the Heat emerging triumphant.  This year's five game win feels like redemption.

The final score in the game was 104 - 87, but the Heat had the lead after the first quarter.  LeBron James scored 17 points in the first quarter, giving the Heat a 22-6 lead.  However, the Spurs fought back hard, and the Heat's lead was cut to only seven by the end of the quarter.  

They never looked back.

Kawhi Leonard was named MVP of the series, with his 7 for 10 from the floor, 3 for 4 from the point and total of 22 points in the game.  His final series average was 23.7 points.  LeBron James' stats were slightly better, but one man alone cannot win a series.

Congratulations to the San Antonio Spurs.
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6/25/14   |   Jsmithy11   |   9 respect

Hands Down the depth of the Spurs was stronger than the Heat, which gave a good stepping boost to them :) GO SPURS GO!

6/16/14   |   Scott   |   54575 respect

Spurs were clearly the better team from start to finish.  No way Lebron James was going to stop this runaway train by himself

6/16/14   |   texas_tornado4261   |   84529 respect

Congratulations Spurs !!