San Diego Chargers Resign Luis Castillo from the Free Agency

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Luis Castillo, the free agent defensive end has inked in a new contract with the San Diego Chargers and the news was initially reported by Luis Castillo’s agent who tweeted the information as soon as the deal got finalized.
Luis Castillo is a former first round pick defensive end player who has been the center of attention for numerous teams out there who have been closely eyeing Luis Castillo every move since the start of the free agency. This list also includes teams like the Cheifs and the Patriots but in the end Luis Castillo decided to resign with the team that had initially had given him his first chance in the big leagues.
Luis Castillo was originally a player from the 28th pick from the 2005 draft. Luis Castillo has made 210 tackles in his career and made 19 career sacks,
In injury in the starting week limited Luis Castillo to playing just one game in the entire 2011 season, but now Luis Castillo is returning to the football field to get his second chance to make it big in this team, also this will give Luis Castillo the opportunity to rise to his former glory when he was considered to be the most vital pillar in the team’s defensive line.
Luis Castillo weighs 300 pounds and is six feet and three inches tall and plays a role in the 3-4 defensive end, as teams like the New England Patriots and the Kansas city team uses the same 3-4 defense so Luis Castillo could have been a vital player for them in the future.
Luis Castillo also once made all the headlines even before his big league career started as he admitted to using steroids.
Luis Castillo is a New Yorkers who is almost 30 years old and is expected to start in the normal 2012 season.
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