San Francisco Faltering at Trade Deadline

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The San Francisco Giants, the defending champs, sure as hell haven't felt this bad in over 5 years. You would never know the Giants won the World Series last season if you couldn't spot the patch on their jerseys. Their calling card has been the consistency of their pitching. Rotation and bullpen. This season? Both are in disarray. 

Blog Photo - San Francisco Faltering at Trade DeadlineAdding insult to injury, Brian Wilson jumped at the opportunity to earn $1 million guaranteed and signed with the division rival Dodgers - unforgivable in Giants land. Jason Schmidt was the last major contributor (unless you count Juan Uribe, who hasn't done much since leaving the Giants after the 2010 championship) to jump ship to the Dodgers - and he bad-mouthed the Giants organization almost immediately after leaving.

The Giants are a measly 7-17 this month, good enough for second-worst in the majors - ahead of only the Houston Astros. Ouch. When you're mentioned in the same breath as the Astros these days, you know its in a negative light. 

There were many rumors swirling around the Giants perhaps trading Hunter Pence, Tim Lincecum, but the most buzz surrounded left-specialist Javy Lopez and a move to the Detroit Tigers - but nothing happened. The Giants stood pat. Maybe it's because they think they can rebound by the time the waiver deadline approaches next month? Or maybe they have a lot of personnel decisions to make after both Lincecum and Pence are off the books at the conclusion of this season. 

Will they keep them? Will they compete to end the season? Or will this be a severely disappointing season (not that it already isn't) following a World Championship? 
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There was a report that Brian Sabean called the trade offers he got "embarrassing".