San Francisco Giants Victory Parade Highlights

10/31/12 in MLB   |   agoldmeier   |   2 respect

It was a thrilling day for San Francisco as many gathered in downtown SF to watch their hometown baseball heroes celebrate their commanding World Series sweep. Market Street was packed with rowdy Giant fans and curious professionals who were able to sneak away from work to take part in the celebration.  I did not get to the parade until 11 am when it was scheduled to start. However, I was somehow able to push my way to the front and got a decent view of the parade itself. I did have to stand through the various sponsor floats and trolleys filled with season ticket holders; all while being pelted with a variety of different candies, chocolates, and other products, before the actual players came parading through.

There was a lot of standing around, but also a lot of excitement when we finally got to see the Giants players drive by in their individual parade convertibles. I had to take the good with the bad, but lucky for you I was able to film a few highlights of when our favorite players drive by.

Lincecum!!! (looking hip in that blue beanie):

Hunter Pence, and Sergio “look at my beard” Romo:

Mr, Barry Zito ladies and gentleman:

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