San Francisco Giants host the St. Louis Cardinals in front of excited fans

It's a good time to be a San Francisco Giants fan

4/5/13 in MLB   |   droth   |   127 respect

So here's the formula for success: build up a good farm system that produces some top-end talent, have enough money to sign them to long contracts, have even more money to sign other free agents to fill holes, find some low risk role players that get on ridiculous hot streaks in October, and draft a once in a generation player at a position that is crucial to team success.  Easy, right?

So during this weekend's party by the Bay, where the players on the field will be battling to keep their early season momentum going against a tough Cardinals team, know that Giants fans are cheering for much more than what's happening on the diamond.  They're cheering because they're happy and they're happy because they are experiencing something elusive in the life of a sports fan: everything has gone according to plan and the future is incredibly bright.  
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