San Jose Sharks looking to get Devin Setoguchi back in the team

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThe San Jose Sharks seem to be looking at the idea of getting their ex player Devin Setoguchi back in the team. Setoguchi is with the Winnipeg Jets for now and as the trade deadline looms, they will have to make a decision fast. All trades will cease from Wednesday tomorrow at noon.
Contemplating the possibility of getting him to play for the Sharks, it seems most likely that the Sharks will be looking at getting Setoguchi as a rental. He will become a free agent and the Sharks will look at having him for rent. It remains to be seem what they want to offer. Reports are that the Sharks and Jets have ongoing talks regarding the matter, which confirms that the Sharks are genuinely interested in Setoguchi.
Setoguchi has so far played 61 games with the Winnipeg Jets for this season. His stats for those games stand at 26 points, 11 goals and 15 assists. When he joined the NHL, Setoguchi for the first 4 seasons played for the Sharks before being traded off to the Minnesota Wilds on June 24, 2011. To get Setoguchi in the roster they will have to make some cap space. The Sharks are left with just $1.697 million in the cap and to get him directly would put them $1.3 million over the limit.
Acquiring Setoguchi is a good idea for the Sharks because it would bolster their weakening roster and with their rookie Toma Hertl injured, they need a replacement for the rest of the season as prognosis for him is not good. He is predicted to be sitting out the remainder of the NHL Regular Season 2014.
To make room and cap space they will have to move players and one of them that they might is Marty Haylat. He has a no-trade clause and moving him would be no fuss for the franchise. 
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While it would be nice to get "Gooch" back, I am generally opposed to player rentals unless they are dirt cheap.  In this case, the Sharks would need to move salary to make this happen.  Not sure it is worth it for a rental.  But this is why Doug Wilson gets paid the big bucks....