Santonio Holmes Arrested For Marijuana

Santonio Holmes Has The Police In His Corner, Even After They Bust Him For Smoking Pot

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Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Santonio Holmes should be available for this Sunday's huge game against the Giants, but he might be taking a break shortly thereafter. It seems that Holmes was pulled over last night because his vehicle matched the description of one linked to a crime (sure it did) and it turned out he had weed in his car. This isn't exactly the first time an athlete has been pulled over and been caught with weed, but this story may be the most hilarious.

After police asked Holmes about the smell, Holmes pulled out three marijuana "cigars" and handed them to the officers. Hey, might as well get right to it if you're caught red-handed. Officers charged Holmes with one misdemeanor count of possession of a small amount of marijuana. He was given a summons to court and released.

Now while this would be Holmes's first time being busted as a pro, he does have two previous scrapes with the law that could work against him if Goodell decides to suspend him.

The good news is that Holmes has a great character witness in Sgt. James Vogel of the Pittsburgh Police Department. Here's what Vogel said about Holmes.

Vogel said Holmes was very cooperative, respectful and wasn’t impaired. He thinks that should be taken into account when it comes to any potential action taken against him by the Steelers and the NFL.

“We wouldn't expect a steelworker to be laid off or suspended without pay,” said Vogel. “I wouldn't expect a police officer, firefighter or a member of the Steelers.

That last part by Vogel there may be one of the funniest things I've ever read. So it's totally cool if a firefighter or cop smokes some reefer and gets caught. Just don't do it in an official work vehicle. Do it in your own car instead.

I'd have to think Vogel was told to never talk to the media again after this story appeared. Either that or praised for trying to ensure that Santonio will be catching passes on Sunday.

Anyhow, we'll see what Goodell does. He does have the authority to suspend Holmes for up to 4 games, which would obviously be a major loss for the Steelers.

Also, just a question, but why in the heck is a guy puffing weed less than 72 hours before a huge game? You know what, I shouldn't even ask.

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10/24/08   |   WBKsports   |   366 respect

3 Blunts???? That was just for the ride to practice...When you're around the Steelers locker room and you hear something about "Dropping Pounds"....The guys aren't talking about dieting.

10/24/08   |   olfuzzybat

I can hear it now, Holmes new nickname..."Bluntonio"

10/24/08   |   TheRealScore

derms33 wrote:
Three Cigars of Marijuana is a small amount?  Jeez, did they check his trunk??

Shhh! That's where Chris Henry put the crack pipe.

10/24/08   |   derms33   |   17653 respect

Somewhere Ricky Williams is smiling, with a bag of "Baked Lays"

10/24/08   |   derms33   |   17653 respect

Three Cigars of Marijuana is a small amount?  Jeez, did they check his trunk??

10/24/08   |   Chief_aka_James   |   3307 respect

I knew a Drew Vogel in High School, he was a pothead too.

Is this Pittsburgh's finest? Never been to the place...

10/24/08   |   TheRealScore

Boski93 wrote:

Santonio not the best time to do your Bong errrr Bam Morris impersonation.

I hadn't heard that name in a long time. I'm starting to feel old now.

10/24/08   |   Boski93   |   375 respect

Santonio not the best time to do your Bong errrr Bam Morris impersonation.

10/24/08   |   CriticalFanatic

Because it makes us relaxed during halftime.


NBA Player

10/24/08   |   TheRealScore

In Santonio's case, he must've thrown out the last bag of Fritos or he was stressing over Plaxico "Catch a cold" Burress' possible performance on Sunday. Santonio should know he's better than Plax even with the weed.

In the officer's case, he either had money on the game, like almost every other officer in Pittsburgh, or he is simply retarded. Could be both.