Saturday Night Hockey [NHL Live Thread]

With ten games on the schedule it's your typical Saturday Night for Hockey

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Blog Photo - Saturday Night Hockey [NHL Live Thread]It really is hard to believe that our shortened hockey season is almost set to head to the playoffs.  Really, there aren't that many games left before some of our beloved teams will be heading to the golf links, while others buckle down and put minor injuries aside, take a deep breath and go for broke.  With the trade over, we have a better look a the teams we can expect to see in the playoffs, and those who will have to wait until next year to try again.  For my two co-hosts, the playoffs are a sure thing, as their teams are battling for contention in the overall standings.  Pittsburgh sits atop the Eastern Division, five points ahead of Montreal, while the Anaheim Ducks are sitting second in the Western Division, only 3 points back of Chicago.  Sadly, my Calgary Flames are in rebuilding mode, and won't see the playoffs this year.  While I will always be a Calgary fan, trust me when I say that it's great to see some of my Q-buddies' teams in the playoffs to cheer for.  After all, it's all about the game.

Here's today's schedule and our picks, all times Eastern:

3:00 pm

Philadelphia Flyers  (17-17-3) at Winnipeg Jets (18-19-2)
Broadcast:  CBC, CSN-PH
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Bryan:  J-E-T-S, JETS JETS JETS!  I ain't pickin Philly if you paid me a million dollars.

Jess: This one is probably the toughest in the lineup to pick. I'll pick the Jets just because they're on home ice.

Debi:  I'm with you Bryan.  I don't care if the Jets are struggling, I just have to believe they can pull off the win at home!

Chicago Blackhawks (27-5-4) at Nashville Predators  (15-15-8)
Broadcast:  CSN-Chicago, FS-TN
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Bryan:   Hmm, this one could be tough for the Hawks.  It was an even game at the UC the other night, this time they're in Music City.  For my sis I'm calling an upset, Preds win.

Jess: Going with Chicago

Debi:  Is it just me, or does anyone else see Chicago in kind of a holding pattern?  It's almost as if they know they have the Conference Title, so why not hold back just a little for the playoffs?  For Nashville, the exact opposite is the case.  They are fighting tooth and nail to get in to the playoffs.  I'm with you again, Bryan, calling for the upset.

4:00 pm

Edmonton Oilers (16-14-7) at Los Angeles Kings (21-13-3)
Broadcast:  NHLN-US, SNET-W, FS-W
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Bryan:   I gotta take the champs here, Kings walk away with this one at Staples.

Jess: Edmonton is boring. I don't know any other way to say it. Kings.

Debi:  I only cheer for the Oilers when they are playing the Canucks.  Kings it is.

7:00 pm

Boston Bruins (24-8-4) at Montreal Canadiens (24-8-5)
Broadcast:  CBC, RDS, NHLN-US, NESN
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Bryan:  Whoa, game of the night by a mile!  This is huge for both teams, the division lead is at stake and we know both the Bruins and Habs are going to give it 110% when they play each other.  They don't like each other and it's one hell of a good rivalry.  I'm thinking home ice advantage ultimately wins out.  Les Habitants vont gagner ce soir!

Jess: ooh I agree, BK! This is a good one. Good thing it's on NHLN so lots of people can enjoy it. Great rivalry, both great teams this year. It's going to be exciting. As far as picking? Eenie Meenie Miney...uh...Habs.

Debi:  Definitely the game of the night.  Huge rivalry, almost even stats, Division Title on the line.  Yes, this one will be a barn burner, but I have to take the Habs at home.
Blog Photo - Saturday Night Hockey [NHL Live Thread]
Toronto Maple Leafs (20-13-4) at New Jersey Devils (15-13-9)
Broadcast:  CBC, MSG-:Plus
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Bryan:  I'm inclined to pick the Leafs here, and I will.  The Devils just don't impress me anymore.

Jess: Poor Devils. I'll pick them though - sometimes they surprise me.

Debi:  Wow, Joffrey Lupul has to have the worst luck in the league.  I watched the replay yesterday of the shot to the head and no wonder he was dazed.  No word if it is a concussion, but he is staying home.  Still, I think the Leafs can do this against the Devils.

Tampa Bay Lightning (16-18-2) at New York Islanders (18-16-4)
Broadcast:  FS-F, MSG PLUS 2, WLNY
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Bryan:   I never thought I'd find myself saying this, but the Isles are the much better team here.  I'm picking them to win.

Jess: Bolts.

Debi:  I have to say I'm not impressed with the Bolts lately, however, with Ben Bishop in goal, it could be a different kind of battle.  He may make all the difference.  Sure, why not, I'll give them a chance.  Bolts it is.

New York Rangers at Carolina Hurricanes
Broadcast:  MSG,FS-CR
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Bryan:  Rangers lost a tough-fought shootout in Pittsburgh last night.  They'll be running ragged.  I have to take the Canes here to exploit that.

Jess: Why is it that I have such a tough time picking against the Rangers? I love their goalie so much but he can't do it on his own and he has been having more off nights than on this year. I do think that rather than suffer a tough loss last night and battling til the end will be less disheartening than it seems. I'm going to go with them. I think. Yea, Rangers.

Debi:  I think taking on the Penguins and coming away with a point, instead of a loss will have charged up the Rangers.  I am picking them to win.
Blog Photo - Saturday Night Hockey [NHL Live Thread]
7:30 pm

Washington Capitals (18-17-2) at Florida Panthers (12-19-6)
Broadcast:  CSN-DC, FS-F
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Bryan:  Eric, take note.  I do pick the Caps, and I'm picking them here.  If they don't win this though I will have no confidence left in them for the remainder of the season.

Jess: Caps

Debi:  I think the Caps have got this one.  They have a chance at the playoffs, and I don't think they want to throw it away.  I expect them to come out strong, and stay strong throughout the game, coming away with another win.

9:00 pm

Colorado Avalanche (12-20-5) at Phoenix Coyotes (16-15-6)
Broadcast:  ALT, FS-A+
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Bryan:  The Avs still make me laugh on the road.  Coyotes get the win here.

Jess: I would love for the Avs to win this one but I just don't see it today  (which means it'll probably happen). Yotes.

Debi:  You know, both of these teams fit into the category of "awwww, I really want to like them" so it's hard to choose.  I've written feel good pieces about both of them throughout the years.  I have to go with the Coyotes here.

10:00 pm

Calgary Flames (13-19-4) at Vancouver Canucks (20-11-6)
Broadcast:  CBC, NHLN-US
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Bryan:   Just for some moral support, I'm picking your Flames, Debi.  Calgary pulls off the upset in the night cap.

Jess: Oh lord. This is like my Ducks/Stars game - I'm so sorry Debi. Praying for the Flames to pull off the upset on national TV on the road.

Debi:  I feel sick to my stomach when I see this on the schedule.  Hopefully my daughter will be done work and I won't be subjected to watching this in a bar full of Canuck lovers.  I'm so glad to have the support of my friends, and I truly hope that the Flames can somehow find something to knock the Canucks flat on their asses, but I'm worried.

Games get underway shortly, and I'm sure we'll see some great hockey.  I saw this video on Sports Center as one of the highlights of the week, and I had to agree.  Boyle makes this look so easy.  Enjoy!

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Calgary looks really good tonight. Stajan is playing his guts out!! They might be down 2-1 but they are working hard!!! My buddy is here with me and we are way louder than any of the Canucks fans!!

*edited cuz I wrote it with my phone which autocorrected angry

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Flyers and Devils both lose in regulation, Rangers and Isles both win.  Also with the Jets and Caps winning, the Devils now fall to 10th in the East.  It's not looking good for los Diablos.

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And it is now 3-1 after a drill to the back of the net.  This is one helluva game.  Philly isn't giving up, not for a second, but the Jets are putting on so much pressure!!!

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Oh my!! Kyle Wellwood scores on a few seconds later to make it 2-1 Winnipeg!  Happy dance, eh, Bryan?

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Winnipeg GOAL!!  Tied 1-1 cheeky

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Philly leading the Jets so far :(

Of course, because I'm a west coaster and can hop on a plane and fly to LA at the drop of a hat, the NHL has decided I'm not allowed to see the Oilers play the Kings.