Schwartz takes “100 percent” blame for Lions’ losing streak

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The Detroit Lions personnel have picked-up on a new trend of pointing figures at themselves probably in an effort to calm down unhappy fans and too avoid giving critics a longer opportunity to comeback with harsher criticism of the team’s disappointing start this season.
Quarterback Matthew Stafford gave birth to the trend immediately taking blame after the Detroit Lions’ embarrassing loss to the Arizona Cardinals that landed them deeper in a pit. Matthew Stafford said that his three interceptions and inconsistent play drove the Detroit Lions to a 38-10 loss to the Arizona Cardinals Sunday night – but coach Jim Schwartz wasn’t going to have any of that nonsense.
While Jim Schwartz admired Matthew Stafford for taking accountability in the game, he too all blame for the 4-10 Detroit Lions’ recent six-game losing streak on his own shoulders.
"I appreciate when our quarterback wants to take blame for it, but ultimately it's the head coach's responsibility," stated Jim Schwartz on Monday. "I need to do a better job; 4-10 isn't good enough."
It’s not like the Detroit Lions have painted a picture of hopelessness throughout the season. In between their second and fourth game of the current losing streak, the Detroit Lions have offered more than a glimmer of hope, maintaining a fourth-quarter lead (which they soon after lost) against the Green Bay Packers, Houston Texans and Indianapolis Colts – all now onto a strong playoffs run.
But last night’s game stole the spotlight for all the wrong reasons – losing to a team such as the Arizona Cardinals which was kept to 58-0 against the Seattle Seahawks and ended its own nine-game losing streak with Sunday’s win over the Detroit Lions.
"We've had a lot of game this year that came down to one play, one critical play in the fourth quarter that you look at and say, 'Hey, if we had made that one we'd have won the game,'"  said Jim Schwartz. “We can't be naïve to think that this was one of those games.”
“Even though we have a chance to pull within 7 with 6 minutes to play, that really wasn't the case in this game,” continued Jim Schwarz. "There were way too many errors in this game to have a chance to win and it showed on the scoreboard."
While Jim Schwartz contested the Detroit Lions didn’t contribute too many mental mistakes such as penalties and lining up incorrectly against the Arizona Cardinals, he laid blame on the mounting errors that took them beyond a comeback. The Arizona Cardinals capitalized on four turnovers for 28 points in the game while the Detroit Lions failed to score off their lone forced turnover.
There weren’t many ways Jim Schwartz could have handled the Detroit Lions’ recent loss accept leaving it unaddressed but after sliding from a 10-win season last year, the fans deserve an explanation.
Jim Schwartz said that the Detroit Lions still “have a lot of confidence” in the system that led to their 10-6 record last season but it will take some time to mold the system according to the team’s recent piling struggles.
“We have, I don’t want to say setback, but we have been sidetracked this year,” stated Jim Schwartz. “We have gone off the rails a little bit, sidetracked. (We’ve) got to get back on track.”
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