Scott Brooks knows how to defend but he needs “Russell to score”

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Blog Photo - Scott Brooks knows how to defend but he needs “Russell to score”
The comparisons between Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant have begun. After Oklahoma City Thunders Game 2 loss in the NBA finals, media sprung out to criticize and compare Russell Westbrook to Kevin Durant. Russell Westbrook, who performed well against Miami Heat in Game 2, came out to defend himself during Saturday’s media session.
Meanwhile, Oklahoma City Thunders coach Scott Brooks reckons it’s wrong to compare the guards as both players have different role on the court. NBA analyst and Los Angeles Lakers legend, Magic Johnson was probably Russell Westbrook’s biggest critics. During the half time commentary of Game 2, Magic Johnson was quoted saying “that was the worst point guard in a championship finals I've ever seen”.
Well, Magic Johnson needs to gets him facts straight. Russell Westbrook might not be a conventional point guard, even Scott Brooks admits that, but the fourth-year NBA player does his job at the end of the day. As a matter of fact Russell Westbrook is arguably Oklahoma City Thunders’ best defensive player. Russell Westbrook’s performance in the NBA finals is proof of it.
Scott Brooks has morphed the typical role of a point guard for Russell Westbrook. The 23-year-old now has to play with added responsibilities, most of which ask him to be extra diligent in defense.
The hybrid point guard, Russell Westbrook scored 27 points during Game 2 of the NBA finals against Miami Heat. Russell Westbrook was 10-of-26 on shooting and had eight rebounds. He also had seven assists and produced only two turnovers.
After the unfair criticism from media, Kevin Durant and Oklahoma City Thunders’ coach Scott Brooks defended Russell Westbrook during a media session at AmericanAirlines Arena on Saturday.  Scott Brooks heaped praise on Russell Westbrook saying Oklahoma City Thunders progress would have never made it to the NBA finals without Russell Westbrook.
Scott Brooks understands the importance of strong defense. Scott Brooks, who played for 14 years in the NBA as a point guard has three players in starting lineup that are predominantly defensive players. Nonetheless, Scott Brooks knows that if Oklahoma City Thunders want to acquire the NBA Championship they need Russell Westbrook to score more often.
“We need Russell to score,” Scott Brooks said. “I know some of you don't like that, but Russell is a very, very gifted, talented player, and we would not be in this position without Russell.”
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