Scratch that, John Daly's wife claims he did it to himself in a cover-up

6/12/07 in Golf   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

Here I was thinking the messed up portion of the story had passed. I thought wrong.
John Daly assaulted his wife and then covered up the incident by scratching his own face and claiming she attacked him, his wife Sherrie Daly alleges in court papers filed Monday.
I'm not sure John has any more credibility than his five wives combined. Who knows? I wouldn't put this kind of drunken episode past John. Nor would I put it past the type of women he attracks to attack him.

All I really do know after reading this article is that 1) I had a hard time passing up redneck jokes and 2) there needs to be a movie on this guy down the road.
Source: (USA Today)
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