Seahawks CB Michael Robinson a lucky man to be alive

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsSeattle Seahawks cornerback Burton Michael Robinson is a lucky man to be even playing football right now and doing that while in the competitive grounds of NFL is a remarkable achievement. And to head into the Super Bowl and be a part of the team is the icing on the cake.
Just during the preseason his entire career was on the stake and doctors were not sure if he would make it alive. But optimistic as he is, he had already told the doctors to keep the bad news away from him and let him focus on getting better. After sustaining an ankle injury Robinson was on medical prescription given an anti-inflammatory drug called Indocin. The body’s reaction to the drug was bad and his liver and kidneys started shutting down.
He ended up going to the hospital thrice before the doctors were able to diagnose the cause of organ failure and get him on the right medication. Two times that he went to the hospital the doctors simply advised him to stay hydrated and the problem would go away. When the organ failure persisted the doctors referred specialists who successfully found out what the bug was.
And for an NFL player health is one of the priorities, something that was heavily affected during that incident. Robinson ended up losing 33 pounds a getting way out of shape. But he stayed focused on getting better and for the time being decided to stay unaware of how close of a call he had had.
“I did tell the doctors early in the process, I don’t want to hear a lot of bad news,” Robinson said, who is now healthy and playing for the Seahawks as they head into the Super Bowl. “You know what I mean? I believe in good spirits, good powers, good vibes. I didn’t want to hear a lot of bad news, so I think they may have kept that away from me.”
Robinson said it was only after he had fully recovered that the doctors told him how close he had come to death.
“But as I got better, they told me people usually don’t survive two of these episodes, so I really have to be careful.”
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