Seahawks QB Russell Wilson proving himself the best in the new line of NFL quarterbacks

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThe NFL Draft wasn’t one which highlighted Russell Wilson, who quietly slipped through all the fame and draft predictions. Unnoticed, he went on to show his talent on the field and despite high expectations from other quarterbacks such as Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck, he is the one who has shown to have been the greater quarterback among them.
Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson said that Wilson was for now focused on football.
"It's a good thing we're in the Pacific Northwest away from you guys, you know what I mean?" he said. "So he can just focus on football."
Among the new batch of quarterbacks to enter the NFL, Wilson wasn’t expected to stand out. As new players tend to fall according to the expectations and predictions, many did. But Wilson held on and continued to give an exceeding performance consistently and is now a strong contender for the league MVP title.
Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin said that the stats were a solid proof a players performance and they favored Wilson.
"Stats speak for themselves, record speaks for itself," he said.
Wilson is in his second season in the NFL and has racked a total of 23 wins, which is a record for any quarterback to have done so in his first two seasons. Last week they won against the New York Giants and during that match Wilson scored his 50th touchdown pass. There are but two other quarterbacks who did this so soon in their career and both are legends. One is Manning and the other is Dan Marino. His winning percentage stands at an astounding .767 which comes only after New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.
Seahawks coach Pete Carroll was optimistic about the future of the quarterback, saying that these were just the beginnings of record breakings by Wilson.
"These are just markers that this guy is going to continue to knock off," he said.
While much of the NFL has been focused on other things, Wilson has dutifully done his part to aid the Seahawks in achieving record rankings and improve drastically. Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate said that the league mostly focused on hot items and news, that much was obvious. Wilson was a hard working player who had done much for the team and still wasn’t a person to go around glorifying himself.
"This league is all about politics. It's no secret. Andrew Luck, RGIII were drafted first overall and second overall with these high expectations. . . . Then you got this quiet, hard-working guy drafted in round three,” he said. “He quickly earned respect and comes back the next year with everyone talking about Andrew Luck this and that, RGIII coming off his injury. Russell doesn't say anything. He just shows up, works hard and here we are at 12-2 in the driver's seat."
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