Seahawks continuing to rely on “next man up”

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThe Seattle Seahawks had to make do this season without many of their starting players as they sustained many injured. That did not stop them from coming to games with grit and determination to win and make it out victorious.
Almost throughout the season they played without their starting cornerback, tight end, three offensive linemen and their middle linebacker. With so many out and replacements almost always risky, it is a wonder that the Seahawks have managed to pull through.
And they haven’t just pulled through; they are 10-1 and going strong. The team chemistry is well and all players are doing their part. They will face the New Orleans Saints at CenturyLink Field on Monday. The Seahawks are down to two cornerbacks and the Saints aren’t and easy target with a score of 9-2.
Seahawks coach Pete Carroll was optimistic about the matchup and said that they would still go on the field and give it their all.
“That won’t deter us at all from having an extraordinary week in getting ready and getting jacked up about a great opportunity here with a fantastic football team coming in for Monday night,” he said.
It has always been “next man up” with the Seahawks and that does not translate into a catchphrase to them. It is what they have been doing. With the final games of the season in sight, the Seahawks are down to two cornerbacks. Walter Thurmond is starting his league ban of four games and Brandon Browner sustained a groin injury which still needs a proper analysis.
This means that their replacements Jeremy Lane and Bryon Maxwell have the opportunity to shine. This won’t be the first time they have done that as last season they had to fill in for the last games as well.
Carroll saw the silver lining in the cloud and said that the injuries had given rise to new talent and chance for other players to show what they brought to the table.
“We are disappointed. But what’s really cool about it, and the other side of it is, this is an opportunity for some young guys to step up who have come here to play football for us,” Carroll said. “They haven’t come here to watch, they want to play.”
Carroll had high hopes for the two cornerbacks and said he knew that they would rise to the challenge.
“We have nothing to think about but the positive and the upside – just guys are going to contribute in a big way. Just like our guys have across the board,” he said.
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