Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman startled at public backlash

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThe way Seattle Seahawks cornerback behaved recently could have been right the way NFL was about 20 years ago but certainly not how it is right now. And he would probably be thinking the same thing. Back then, the loud mouth and brash style were the in thing and such actions were not perceived as disrespectful and did not mar the reputation of a player.
Sherman said that he had indeed looked at the old games and some of it had rubbed off on him. He said it was traditional to give a speech straight from the heart in that time and added that maybe his actions weren’t perceived as honest and truthful but were rather interpreted as a blatant show of self-importance.
“I studied the old school game more than I studied the new school game, and I play it that way. It rubs a lot of people the wrong way. Giving a true speech after a game, a true passionate speech is old school football,” Sherman said. “Playing press corner and sitting up there every play is old school football. I guess maybe I just haven't adjusted to the times.”
This was the first time that Sherman came forward about the incident that occurred on Sunday’s NFL Championship Game of Seattle Seahawks versus San Diego Chargers. The incident was an intense and emotional moment minutes after Seattle had won their second Super Bowl berth.
It was Sherman who was critical in the play which made it possible for the Seahawks to win. He deflected a pass that was thrown to Chargers wide receiver Michael Crabtree at the end zone. Seahawks linebacker Malcolm Smith was the one who intercepted and the win. Sherman then made several remarks about Crabtree and that got people talking.
He did acknowledge that the public reaction to his outburst was bizarre but he did feel a little shocked about it all too.
"I was surprised by it. Because we're talking about football here and a lot of people took it a little bit further than football. I guess some people showed how far we have really come in this day and age,” Sherman said, “and it was kind of profound what happened and people's opinions of that nature, because I was on a football field showing passion.”
Sherman said that his remarks might have been a little over the top but he didn’t do anything that was against the rules and was only showing his love for the game after an intense match.
“Maybe it was misdirected, maybe things may have been immature, maybe things could have been worded better but this is on a football field,” Sherman said. “I didn't commit any crimes, I wasn't doing anything illegal. I was showing passion after a football game.”
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