Sean Avery Still A Total Jackass, This Time In Autograph Form

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I have no way to confirm if this is true or not, but it's one of the more hilarious things I've seen in a while in terms of athlete autographs via The Faceoff Circle. And of course it involves uber-asshole Sean Avery.

Some Devils fan on the forum last week had a friend get an autograph from Sean Avery for some kid - and Avery must have found out he was signing for a Devils fan. What transpired next is classic, as Avery took a shot at Devils goalie Martin Brodeur in the process. I'll let our poster (whose grammar sucks) explain:
ok im a huge devils fan and of course i hate the ny rangers. But im sure all of you baseball fans remeber when shelly duncan signed a kids baseball sayin "red sox suck". well i ran into pretty much the same thing. i friend of mine met Sean Avery through a steiner sports store in long island last week and he got a 16x20 signed by avery but he wrote " Marty is a whinner" on the photo. please someone emial me and i will send you photo bc i dont know how to upload from my camera fone to comp. Now this is a great player but what a a-hole. the kid that got this photo signed was 13 years old. my email is
And here's the proof:

The thing to keep in mind is that this autograph was signed BEFORE Avery did his now infamous dance in front of Brodeur.

It's not quite the Vernon Wells autograph, but it'll do.

By the way, I think I know why Marty's a whiner, Sean. Because you're a total asshole. But a funny asshole, I'll give you that.

Quoth the Avery: Whinermore [The Faceoff Circle]
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Sean Avery first ballot A-Hole Hall of Famer. He may be an ass but he at least knows it and is not afraid to embrace it.

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Marty said he was cool with the dance. Probably not so cool with the autograph.