Sean Peyton totally frozen out from Saints, NFL

Details of Sean Payton's suspension emerge, and they are extreme

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Blog Photo - Sean Peyton totally frozen out from Saints, NFLSean Payton was no saint in allowing the implementation of a bounty system on his watch, and now he's not a Saint at all. Peyton's one-year suspension from the NFL took effect Monday, April 16, and details have emerged showing how thoroughly the NFL is not fooling around on this one.

Under the terms of his suspension, Payton is allowed no contact whatsoever with anyone associated with the New Orleans Saints franchise -- or any NFL franchise. Not his coaches, not his players, not even a referee or a waterboy.  If Payton so much as says hello or sends a birthday card  to anyone currently employed by the NFL, he is in violation of his suspension and would likely have the suspension extended.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports  "Sean Payton is not allowed to have any contact with the Saints organization or anyone around the NFL, and if he does, must report it to league executive Ray Anderson."

The NFL really has Payton by the short and curlies here, because Payton lives within a mile of also-suspended Saints general manager Mickey Loomis. Payton and Loomis are not allowed to speak a single word to one another, under any circumstances, without reporting it to their quasi-probation officers at league headquarters.

You can imagine the NFL might have a private investigator or twelve on Payton's tail in order to ensure the suspension is enforced.

Blog Photo - Sean Peyton totally frozen out from Saints, NFLWhile it is not believed that Payton ordered or participated in the bounty program, the NFL investigation concluded that Payton did lie about the program to league officials, and instructed his assistant coaches to do the same.

It is still possible that Payton could get a gig with Fox Sports during the suspension. Fox has expressed interest in hiring Payton for it's NFL Sunday broadcasts, but nothing has been announced. The league has said Payton may accept employment outside the NFL. Per the suspension, Payton is not allowed to attend any NFL games, so he could only be a studio analyst.

Please let him take Terry Bradshaw's spot, Fox Sports. Please.

ProFootballTalk notes another clever loophole for Payton -- he can communicate with Saints quarterback Drew Brees. Brees' contract has expired, and he is currently in negotiations with the Saints for a new contract. But until a new contract takes effect, Brees is neither a New Orleans Saints employee or an NFL employee.

Payton will remain suspended until the day after Super Bowl XLVII, which will be played February 3, 2013. Ironically, that Super Bowl is being played in New Orleans.

Until February 4, though, this particular Saint will remain in limbo.
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WhoDat12 wrote:
He can't talk to anyone affiliated with the NFL, but can brodcast NFL

Sounds like contradiction to me. 

4/18/12   |   WhoDat12   |   2252 respect

He can't talk to anyone affiliated with the NFL, but can brodcast NFL

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kantwistaye wrote:
This is how every NFL suspension works, so no, its not extreme at all.

You make a fair point, this is how every NFL suspension works. The ramifications affect the franchise more, though, because this time it's a head coach.  The Jets' "sideline-tripper" assistant coach, or the Haynesworth/Pac-Man/Vick suspensions had less drastic effect on the team. Payton just has many more people reporting to him, so the penalty has larger consequences. But you are quite correct on a policy level, yo.

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This is how every NFL suspension works, so no, its not extreme at all.