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I didn't get there with the TOTALS play last night. That kind of all went up in smoke as the Wolves were dropping like flies one by one throughout the game. No worries though. I got the side with the Clips, so I'm not ready to complain yet.



It's an interesting schedule tonight in The Association, and that's primarily because it appears I can make a case for either side in just about every game. That makes things difficult, to be sure, but we'll muddle through the best we can. Here we go!



THE NBA (2-2 last night and 15-20 so far for the week)



SU WINNERS (1-3 last night and 18-14 so far for the week)




TOTALS (3-1 last night and 19-16 so far for the week)

OVERS - Raptors/76ERS (190) and Warriors/SPURS (203)

UNDERS - Bulls/CELTICS (182), Bobcats/MAGIC (197 1/2), Rockets/PACERS (195), Hawks/NETS (192), Kings/GRIZZLIES (191), Wizards/NUGGETS (204 1/2) and Thunder/MAVS (205 1/2)



BUTTA (1-1 last night and 3-2 so far for the week)

I've been digging all day and a lot of last night trying to put something together, but there's nothing I can pull the trigger on right now.




1. CELTICS (-3 1/2) over Bulls - It stands to reason that the Celts will bounce back after that dreadful home performance against the Hornets their last time out, but I'm back to not trusting them again. CELTICS 93, Bulls 89

2. Raptors (+3 1/2) at 76ERS - About all I can say about either of these teams in a matchup against one another is: Who knows? There's no percentage in getting involved on either side. Raptors 105, 76ERS 96

3. MAGIC (-7 1/2) over Bobcats - This is the game that looks most likely to get some attention from me when push comes to shove, but I think I can only work it in as part of a money line parlay. That's because the Magic is 8-1 SU against the 'Cats over the last 3 seasons, but only 4-5 ATS. I just haven't found the other side of the coin to go with it yet. MAGIC 97, Bobcats 88

4. PACERS (-4) over Rockets - Have to go with the team that plays the better defense and doesn't turn the ball over on offense, but both these teams are tired right now, and this is the Pacers 5th game in 7 nights and 6th in 9. PACERS 96, Rockets 76

5. NETS (-6) over Hawks - Atlanta played their best game in a good while without Josh Smith their last time out. Don't think that's lost on Smith. He's a "Hey! Look at me!" personality, so he'll bring a lot of energy tonight. The only question is whether or not that will be a good thing or a detriment? NETS 105, Hawks 74

6. Kings (+9 1/2) at GRIZZLIES - If all are healthy and able to play, the Griz should have a walkover here, but it looks like there's a chance that Randolph may have to sit this one out with injury. GRIZZLIES 91, Kings 89

7. SPURS (-12) over Warriors - Doubles are doubles, and they don't get played here, but the Warriors will be playing this game with one hand tied behind their back without Curry. SPURS 124, Warriors 88

8. NUGGETS (-10) over Wizards - I'm eyeballing this one as the potential "mate" for the Magic game above. It's probably going to go off that way too, but I'm just not ready to say it for some reason. The Nuggets have won the last 3 in this series over the last 3 years, but going back to 1996, they're only 9-6 against the Wiz when playing in Denver. NUGGETS 97, Wizards 82

9. MAVS (+4 1/2) vs. Thunder - This just looks too goofy to even spend time on. The Mavs have been playing good ball lately, but OkC is the class of the West right now. MAVS 102, Thunder 96



I really hate being indecisive, but it is what it is. Stay tuned. If the "green light" finally comes on, I'll let you all know. Have a great Friday, be careful out there and I'll see you tomorrow.

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