Searching to fill vacant offensive coordinator spot not an easy task for Miami

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThe offensive coordinator position in the Miami Dolphins franchise is vacant and the Dolphins need to make their move fast if they want to land a good man on the spot. Still, they have been slow to respond and so far there has not been anyone who has been approached by the franchise to be interviewed for the position and the Dolphins have not shown even the slightest of interest in any coach or given news about wanting anyone specific on the job.
It is still easy to determine who the most likely of candidates will be when they start and on top of the list comes Ben McAdoo. He is not only good at the job but is exactly the sort of man that the Dolphins need and would prefer to have in their franchise. For now the Dolphins do not have plans for making radical changes for the 2014 season and will be carrying much of the same strategy that they were implementing in the 2013 season. This is advantageous to McAdoo who benefits from being coached in the system that the Dolphins use in their coaching. This will make his job as the new offensive coordinator, if chosen, much easier and there will not be time wasted for transition into a new team.
Still there is an important question that needs to be answered. The Dolphins will most probably be offering the new offensive coordinator a one year deal and almost all the coaches will not settle for such a short contract when entering a new team as it takes time to get used to the players and then show results.
But the chance to be able to command the entire offensive line may be reason enough for McAdoo to leave his job at the Green Bay Packers and make his way for the Dolphins. For now he is the quarterback coach. Yet there are risks of taking the job as he has a solid thing going with the Packers and it would be a huge gamble to leave that and go on a one year contract at the end of which he may end up getting fired. But for now McAdoo is one of the top candidates who would fill in well for the Miami Dolphins and will make good results on the team. 
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