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Adventures of Jess and Nellie

7/23/09 in Locker Room   |   sports_schmorts   |   3301 respect

Crabbin', Belly Dancin' Getting lost, Trying new food, trying to get car-hop kids fired, touching the ocean, salt water taffy & fudge, the Aquarium, making out with the Coast Guard, trying to commandeer the Coast Guard boats, having a memorial for the fallen comrades, shopping in our jammies and lots and lots of Starbucks... and that was all before we even headed to Seattle.

Jess put out a poll while I was out visiting her asking for some Scavenger Hunt ideas.  We set off thinking we would have all day Saturday and Sunday before the Paramore/No Doubt concert to get them done... but in true Jess and Nellie Fashion... ohh look... something shiny!!!

We didn't get out the door off to Seattle until 4:30 pm Saturday afternoon.  BUT we are friggin' Rockstars, so we got pretty much all of your requests done.  Now, because we are creative, they may not be exactly what you asked for... but we got the job done.  Some of them we couldn't do both of us, if you asked for both and it wasn't possible, we took either individual pics or just one of us. (wait isn't that the same thing... hmmm cheeeeeeeeeese!!)

So take a look at our Seattle Scavenger Hunt Adventures!!!

#1 JrCanuckFan wanted to see us on a Ferry that was 2 hours away... so she graciously changed that to a hot Barista...(or is it baristo?)

#2 fI3RyBaLlS Asked us to take a pic with the loot in display... we weren't sure what that meant, so we took this pic... does it work?

#3 shasta Wanted to see us with a Koala and a Penguin... dude.. for reals?  They don't have them there in Seattle, so we figured that the pic for the next request would make you forget you asked us for something so redonkulous....

#4 kantwistaye Wanted to see one of us in front of a non-Starbucks coffee place... done and done...

#5 hockey54 Asked us to take a pic with his friends... I am not sure if these two are your friends, but they looked like it.

#6 hockey54 also wanted to see us at the Microsoft Sign, we fail, we forgot the drinks.. so hopefully these will do.

#7 Tiger_Pride2 Wanted to see us with a police officer... he must have heard about Jess's driving... however, we may have gotten into a little somethin somethin...hope you enjoy this more than we did.

#8 rileyjames47  wanted to see us at the Jimi Hendrix Memorial and the Zoo with the Tigers, however we were unable to make it to the zoo, we didn't have enough time.. So enjoy the Memorial with Nellie and Jess.

#9 wyldePHX wanted to see the Space Needle and the Crocodile Cafe. We were bummed when we got to the cafe and it was closed, it looked like it was under construction.. so this is what we got.

#10 bmcannon1 and Silverfox31 Thought that they were being tricky by asking for Seahawk players...We considered hanging out at the VMAC and wait for practice to let out, but we didn't want to miss the concert sitting in a jail cell, so we decided that, pssshhht we could be tricky too  ;)

#11 Irish22 wanted to us with a pic with Gwen Stefani.. but as you can see in # 7 we tried and failed, so this will have to do.

#12 NorseHeathen wanted to see us trying out for the Seattle Mist, sadly it was already over with, but we still tried out...and failed.

#13 Den-ace asked us for a pic in front of the "World's largest shoe" display.  First off I was miffed to find out it wasn't a display of a lot of shoes, and second, we didn't have any quarters, so we couldn't open the get what you get and you don't throw a fit :D

#14 kcpartygirl asked for a whole list of items, most we were able to accomplish. #14 JRSFLAME88 Asked us for a pic catching a big fish... we didn't think this was possible.. but honestly, "Scavenger Hunt" is the most powerful phrase in the Seattle language, we could do just about anything.
Toss 1...Fail - dropped it on the floor. They tossed it back to the guys below and..
Toss 2... Success...sorta...caught him by the tail...those guys are slippery and heavy!  I had scales up to my elbows!
#16 ChristiSunshine asked for a 3-some and chalk outlines of us...that adventure brought out the crazies...lets just say, we met P!nks mom... we think...

#17 HOFFIA asked to get a pic with her and Just_Smile  EASY!  They also helped us out with a pic with Gwen and brought the chalk for the chalk outlines!  Those girls ROCK!

#18 kramer wanted to see us with Ken Griffey Jr.  We had to do them individual, so here is Jess and Nellie with Ken Griffey Jr. (Come on now Bryan, you know they were in Cleveland when we were up there...cute).

#19 EdSpeshel Told us to find something that had to do with the Q... so we found two! This one, and this one...

Thanks to everyone who participated in this adventure, it was so much fun.  Without some of your suggestions we wouldn't have even thought of some of these amazing places and would never have had the experience.. it was great!

We have also included some random silliness for your enjoyment.

Jess's Airport Sign                                                    Jess dropping Nellie off at the Orphanage

I swear he WAS sleeping,                       Traffic sucked! and we missed most of Paramore

Swimmin with the Fishes                                            No Re-bar for you!

Thanks again everyone, it was a BLAST! Next up....TATTOOS!
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8/19/09   |   ibrahim_keramat

you are joker

8/3/09   |   inay_fely

hello ram.. you bring me here for what reason?....just to stay with you or else??????????

7/29/09   |   anilkumarn2

funny adventures

7/28/09   |   sports_schmorts   |   3301 respect

shasta wrote:
there were no koalas or penguins at the zoo?

dont worry the bigfoot house pic made up for it

"however we were unable to make it to the zoo, we didn't have enough time"

We figured you would dig the shack where he lives.

7/28/09   |   Den-ace   |   981 respect

Thank you for the pic!! You two must of had an awesome time!!

7/27/09   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

Since I didn't know the M's were out of town for the weekend, the poster of Griffey will suffice.  I'd like to see that nationwide tour.

7/27/09   |   shasta   |   25 respect

there were no koalas or penguins at the zoo?

dont worry the bigfoot house pic made up for it

7/27/09   |   kantwistaye   |   4219 respect

Looks like you guys had a good time.

7/27/09   |   Kenne   |   16051 respect

That sucks that the Crocodile Cafe was under construction, I'm sorry for the gas you lost going there

7/25/09   |   sports_schmorts   |   3301 respect

hey now... we will set up a cross country tour and visit lots of people... just donate to our road trip fund bucket. 

7/25/09   |   Eric_   |   7716 respect

Debi_L wrote:
NOPE, nunh hunh, no way, if they come to Canada, first stop is MY house!

First though they're heading to DC. Nellie must see the gay sports bar named after her.

7/25/09   |   Toejam   |   22 respect

you guys need a picture with the Fremont Troll......

probably too late huh??????

7/25/09   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

hockey54 wrote:
Great effort ladies..looks like you had a blast!!! so when will you be doing this in Canada?? I could pick you girls up in my cab if you like...

NOPE, nunh hunh, no way, if they come to Canada, first stop is MY house!

7/24/09   |   Raven73   |   103 respect

This ROCKS! So do you two!!!

7/23/09   |   hockey54   |   4743 respect

Great effort ladies..looks like you had a blast!!! so when will you be doing this in Canada?? I could pick you girls up in my cab if you like...