Seattle Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch arrested on DUI charges

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While most no longer keep the count to the number of NFL players who were arrested or had run-ins with the law this offseason, it can be safely determined that the athletes do enjoy their liquor and are forever prepared to cut loose and savor the warm summer nights. Predictably, things don’t always go down well when you have the steering wheel to a fast car in one hand, and a bottle of alcohol in the other.
Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch couldn’t have earned many fans from amongst the police after he was discovered overtaking cars on the Interstate 880 in the Oakland, Calif., at fast speeds and almost caused two crashes.
The Alameda County officer charged Marshawn Lynch with driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol on Wednesday, for exceeding the legal blood-alcohol limit of 0.8. The Seattle Seahawks will not be delighted by the timings of Marshawn Lynch’s hearing which is scheduled for August, 14, right in the middle of training camp.
Marshawn Lynch’s arrest arose from a Saturday night incident when the player was driving dangerously on road in his Ford Econoline, and appeared heavily intoxicated according to a report by the California Highway Patrol. Not only did Marshawn Lynch pose a threat to his own life, but he also displayed complete disregard for other people’s well being by constantly switching between the adjacent-single lanes.
However, the charges could potentially be dropped or the penalty could be reduced for due to the inconsistency between blood-alcohol tests, hinted Marshawn Lynch’s attorney Ivan Golde. The attorney contests that at the time when the player was initially pulled over in his car, his blood-test level read 0.8 on Saturday. But later when Marshawn Lynch’s blood-alcohol level was retaken at prison, it went over 0.8.
"We think we have a really strong case," said Ivan Golde.
Marshawn Lynch’s blood-alcohol level workings from the weekday could not be confirmed by the director of communications at eth Alameda Community district attorney Teresa Drenick. She also refused to share the details of the case yet.
The issue has emerged as Marshawn Lynch problem ever since e was signed by the Seattle Seahawks from the Chicago Bills in 2010. Marshawn Lynch was at his career-lowest with the Chicago Bills and twice violated the law.
In May 2008, Marshawn Lynch was held in police custody for a hit-and-run and run incident. While Marshawn Lynch pleaded guilty to rushing through a traffic light, he acknowledged knocking down a woman while speeding away in his car.
In March 20009, Marshawn Lynch was taken in by the policve on a misdemeanor weapons charge and received, three years probation and eighty hours of community service. For violating the league’s personal conduct policy, Marshawn Lynch was handed a three game suspension.
Marshawn Lynch could potentially face another punishment by the league for violating the CBA’s personal conduct policy for a second time.
The Seattle Seahawks signed emerged last season with 1,204 rushing yards and 12 touchdowns.
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