Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson looking forward to a stormy Super Bowl

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsMost players and coaches in the NFL look forward to games without any elemental conditions to tamper with the game and will prefer field grass over other surfaces, especially snow. Not Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson who actually wants the Super Bowl to be an elemental fest with snow and storm. And when he was playing a game at New York at the MetLife Stadium last time the weather was predicted to be what he wanted it to be: stormy. But he didn’t get his wishes as it turned out it was sunny and moderate temperature. Wilson is hoping this time will be different.
"It was supposed to be bad weather, it was supposed to snow, and I was looking forward to it," Wilson said. "Sure enough it was perfect, like 55 degrees and sunny." 
Now that he's returned for the first cold-weather outdoor Super Bowl, Wilson is hoping his meteorological luck changes.
And now he is looking forward with optimism to the Super Bowl and wishing the first of its kind cold snowy Super Bowl will be snowy, cold and raw. It is known that the Seahawks play well under the influence of elements and snow, hail, sleet, winds or any other weather only brings out their more beastly side.
Wilson said he hoped it would snow as it would be quite an experience to play the Super Bowl in snow. He said they would get to practice in snow when they visited the Quest Diagnostics Training Center.
"Hopefully it snows. That would be kind of fun to play Super Bowl XLVIII in the snow,” Wilson said. 
Practicing under the snowy conditions will be a huge benefit as the Seahawks visit the Quest Diagnostics Training Center, the Giants facility and the place where they will be practicing for the time leading up to the Super Bowl. Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said that he would try and get the team at least one training outside to get accustomed to the weather and especially the snow.
"It would be great to get outdoors if we can," Wilson said. "If not, we'll find a way to still wet the footballs and get prepared that way."
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