Seattle Seahawks on their way to break an old record in the NFL

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThe Seattle Seahawks punt coverage team has been doing a splendid job all season and they have allowed a minimum amount of yards per punt. And that has led them on the way to break an old existing NFL record that is quite old and they are beating it by a huge margin.
The Seahawks will face on Sunday the New York Giants at New Jersey, MetLife Stadium and the record they are on the way to set is fewest yards allowed on average per punt. Till now, they have allowed only 15 yards per punt throughout the entire season.
The existing record for the least amount of yards on average per punt on a single season was set at 22 yards in 1967 by the Green Bay packers under Vince Lombardi. At that time the season was of 14 games. For a 16 game season that goes nowadays, the record was set in 1982 by the Buffalo Bills at 30 yards and was achieved under the coaching of Chuck Knox, who later came to the Seahawks.
The Seahawks are beating the old records by a huge margin and they are happy to be doing it. Special teams captain Heath Farwell said that breaking a record was really something the franchise had been looking forward to.
“If we can break a record, that’s definitely something we can take pride in,’’ said Farwell. “That’s something we have been eyeballing for a while.’’
The most recent punt return yards that the Seahawks had given occurred on October 28 against the Saint Louis Rams when they went up against the league terror returner Tavon Austin. The Rams scored on three return seven yards. Seahawks punter Jon Ryan said that it was after that they realised that they were on their way to record and needed to preserve their game to secure it.
“That’s when we started talking about it a little bit,’’ he said.
But this is a far cry from two years ago when the Seahawks came off their worst season for covering punts. They had allowed 541 yards that in the NFL they ranked at third for most punts allowed by any team. Ryan was with the team then and set the franchise record of 46.6 yards per game. This season he has managed to rack an average of 42.6 yards, which is still impressive. And it seems that even though he might not make a record this time, the team is on its way to make an NFL record.
“When I was younger, I gave up a lot of return yards because I was known as a big-leg guy that liked to get it out there but didn’t always have the greatest hang time,’’ Ryan said. “So a lot of those punts were coming back 10-15 yards every time. Those add up.’’
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