Sebastian Vettel has a mere “mathematical” chance of winning the Championship

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Blog Photo - Sebastian Vettel has a mere “mathematical” chance of winning the Championship
Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel is eager to record revenge at the race in Singapore this weekend. The defending Formula One champion is 39 points behind the Fernando Alonso in the driver standings.
The Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso is leading the race to win the Championship this season. The Spaniard has a strong 37-point lead from second placed McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton.
Sebastian Vettel’s performance has been quite turbulent this season. The German racing prodigy has won the Championship for the past two seasons. However, Fernando Alonso appears to be the victor this season.
Sebastian Vettel will have fight tooth and nail against Fernando Alonso to win the Championship. Ferrari’s team chief Stefano Domenicali believes Fernando Alonso has lost the edge and that other Formula One teams are now strong contenders for the Formula One title.
The 25-year-old German driver talked about the upcoming race in an interview to the Brazilian paper O Estado de S. Paulo.
“Our biggest problem is a lack of speed on the straights,” Sebastian Vettel said. “We were always among the slowest. Fortunately the tracks for the next races have less long straights, which should allow us to fight for victories.”
Formula One analysts would agree in suggesting that Sebastian Vettel has a mere mathematical chance of winning the Formula One title. Sebastian Vettel would need a lot of backing from Lady Luck herself to pull off this miracle.
Even Red Bull’s team owner Dietrich Mateschitz believes that Sebastian Vettel has a mere “mathematical” chance of winning the Formula One title.
“As long as we have a mathematical chance, we continue to believe,” Dietrich Mateschitz told Salzburger Nachrichten.
Sebastian Vettel has already faced his fair share of bad luck this season, but to tell you the truth he doesn’t deserve to the Formula One title. Sebastian Vettel’s unimpressive driving at Monza last weekend was proof of recent poor displays on the track.
In reality, Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton are the most deserving candidates for the Formula One title. Both men have driven their cars beautifully this season.
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9/13/12   |   cliffhanger0901

And Mr. Smith, what do you have to say about Alonso's impressive driving in Monza where Felipe was told by his team that "he needs to cool his tyres" which resulted in Alonso moving up from 5th to 4th position within just two laps after he overtook Vettel?

Say What? No comments?? I knew that. A big ZERO Respect to you and your experience in media!!!

9/13/12   |   cliffhanger0901

Zero respect for the writer for poor research. Definitely must be British!!!

The writer clearly has no understanding of simple physics and neither of racing at high speed on parabolic curve. It is not possible to look into mirrors on a turn! Period.

Plus it was Alonso who made a bad choice of overtaking on curve from outside and he paid for it. He had his two tyres on track if he would have maintained his own line he would not have gone off track cause Vettel did not push him outside he himself did.

Thats exactly what happened last year just that Vettel managed to keep his remaining two tyres on track but Alonso was not that skillful to do so this year.In fact once the turn was over, Vettel moved to the right to give Alonso space but it was too late. Watch the whole video multiple times and then make an article. Why didnt steward penalize Di Resta for throwing Senna off the track in same race? 

9/12/12   |   Ellie_bond   |   2 respect

I would hardly call Vettels driving at Monza 'unimpressive'! Article makes no mention of the impeccable driving & overtaking by Vettel at Spa just a week previous. He is just as deserving of the title as any other top driver, if not more so. Hamiltons attitude is disgraceful and proves he is not deserving.