Sebastian Vettel marches on to reclaim world championship but refrains from bold predictions

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Blog Photo - Sebastian Vettel marches on to reclaim world championship but refrains from bold predictions
Sebastian Vettel believes a win at Singapore doesn’t guarantee him an easier path to the world championship. In his post match press conference the Red Bull driver told reporters that he was relieved to record his second successive victory at Sunday’s Marina Bay race.
Lewis Hamilton made an unexpected exit from the race due to a faulty gearbox after 22 laps, which allowed Sebastian Vettel to replace him in front of the pack. The young German driver managed to retain his lead till the end of the race to record his first Formula One victory in five months.
McLaren’s Jenson Button came second and the table leader Fernando Alonso finished third. Sebastian Vettel, who is now second placed with 165 points on the table, told reporters that he had missed the feeling of victory in the past couple of months so it was great to win once again.
“It’s a load off my mind. It was a wonderful feeling to hear nothing on the team radio over the last couple of laps, which meant that I could go at my own speed,” Sebastian Vettel said. “That was fantastic especially on such a unique track like this. Not that it transformed into a sightseeing tour as each lap here is much too demanding to shift your focus. But you probably get more from the surrounding than on laps when it’s down to the wire.”
Sebastian Vettel looked worried before the start of the race. Rumors suggested there was something wrong with his car. The 25-year-old defending world champion admitted he was worried about his car, but the issue turned out to be of little concern.
“Ah, it was nothing serious,” Sebastian Vettel said. “I felt some vibrations on the way to the grid so to make sure that everything was okay you have to take a closer look. That was all it was.”
Sebastian Vettel’s second consecutive victory at Singapore also happens to be his second victory of the season. Sebastian Vettel told reporters that he was happy to leave Singapore in winning form. However, Sebastian Vettel refrained from predicting the results for the rest of the races.

“Oh yes! It has taken long enough to get my second victory of the season! So yes, I am happy and very satisfied after a good weekend. I am very much looking forward to the next few races,” Sebastian Vettel said. “I think nobody really has the nerve to make any predictions - at least not us guys in the cockpits! I guess we have experts for those sorts of questions!”
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