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It's finally here, Selection Sunday. Starting at 6 PM tonight, we will finally find out who has made the NCAA Tournament. The bubble this year has been described as soft, even softer than usual. That's been made more acute by the fact that there weren't really any "bid thieves" during Championship Week, at least until this afternoon when St. Bonaventure upset their way through the field and to the A-10 title. The team they defeated in the A-10 final, Xavier, heads back to the bubble. Here's some of the teams that are joining them in having a very nervous day.

In the ACC, we have NC State and Miami. The Wolfpack look a little more solid than the Hurricanes, but Miami's not out of it yet. Note that if either of these teams don't get in, Dick Vitale will be there to yell incoherently about their exclusions.

In the Big East, South Florida will try and get in with 12 conference wins, albeit a record inflated by a favorable schedule, while Seton Hall tries to get past a terrible end to the season, including a blowout loss to DePaul.

In the Big 12, the only team that's a question mark is Texas, and their win over Iowa State in the Big 12 quarters probably sealed a bid.

In the Big 10, it's all about wondering whether Northwestern will finally make the tournament for the first time. Unfortunately for the Wildcats though, their loss to Minnesota in the first round of the conference tournament likely sealed their fate.

In the Pac 12, well, the main question is whether Colorado, as the auto bid, will be their only bid. Admittedly that's not likely given Cal's computer numbers, which are likely good enough to get them in. Washington, meanwhile, hopes their regular season title is enough to overcome a resume that's essentially barren otherwise.

In the SEC, the Mississippi schools are the ones waiting and hoping.

Finally, we have the schools below the Red Line. In addition to Xavier, BYU, Iona and possibly even Marshall, we have one of the more polarizing teams this year: Drexel. The Dragons are 25-2 since Dec.10, but one of those losses was to VCU in the CAA final. Drexel also must contend with a lack of quality wins and a poor non-conference strength of schedule.

In the end though, some of these teams won't make it, and despite all the kvetching that will ensue, none of them will really have an argument. Given the softness of the bubble, it's hard to argue that each of these teams didn't have their chance to impress, and for the most part didn't take it.

At the top end of the bracket, we know Kentucky and Syracuse will be #1 seeds, with North Carolina presumably joining them, today's loss notwithstanding. The battle for the final top seed appears to be between Big 10 champion Michigan State, Kansas, and Missouri.

Join us throughout the Selection Show. Share your thoughts on who got in, who got left out, your early pick to win the tournament, and what matchups look like potential upsets.
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3/11/12   |   jjh8857   |   344 respect

Wanna 'win' your bracket challenge...Dont pick any upsets, pick all the higher seeds.  You're guaranteed to 'win'.  Don't be a buffoon & overthink it.

3/11/12   |   Canadianhick   |   2149 respect

Kentucky/UCONN in the third round, if it were to happen could be a great game.

3/11/12   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

I can't wait to see everyone list their "snubs" ... and then see all those snubs make early exits in the NIT.

3/11/12   |   Eric_   |   7716 respect

Teams crying now: Miami, Marshall, Washington, Northwestern, Drexel, Seton Hall. Don't really think any of them have beef except maybe Drexel over Iona if the committee was going the small conference route.

3/11/12   |   Eric_   |   7716 respect

(Edited by Eric_)

Iona gets in as an at-large. Even more bizarrely, their First Four game with BYU is for a #14 seed. The softness of the bubble is shown quite clearly with that decision.

Edit: Those that really study this thing are tweeting it's a #14 seed game to accommodate BYU's "no playing on Sunday" restriction.

3/11/12   |   Eric_   |   7716 respect

Go Lehigh!

3/11/12   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

TBL has collected a list of media projections of who's in and out. Check it out, if you want.