Serena Williams leads the US team in hunt for Olympic gold in London

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Blog Photo - Serena Williams leads the US team in hunt for Olympic gold in London
Venus William has never failed to make an impact, and her entrance to the Media Center in London was just another episode from the saga. The tennis super star arrived in London on Tuesday with red, white and blue extensions in her braided hair. Moreover, her bright red lipstick and nail polish perfectly matched the red in her hair and on the United States flag. Venus Williams wasn’t asked to be United States mascot, but she seems to be doing good job at it.
“I'm here representing the USA from head to toe, basically, hair right down to the fingernails. It's just so much fun,” Venus Williams told reporters in a news conference Tuesday. “I think we all find out how proud we are of where we come from when these weeks come around.”
Venus Williams’ legendary sister Serena Williams was sitting by her side in the news conference. Venus Williams acquired an Olympic gold medal at the 2000 Olympics in the singles event. Both sisters teamed up to win gold medals at the 2000 and 2008 Olympics’ double event.
“Growing up as a tennis player, we always dreamed of winning Grand Slams and doing well at tournaments like Wimbledon,” Serena Williams said. “But to have an opportunity to win a gold medal and be mentioned among the great athletes, it's an honor. Of all the tournaments I've won, I've probably enjoyed my gold medal the most.”
The Williams sisters will compete for the Olympic gold on the grass courts at Wimbledon. Venus and Serena will have the edge against other competitors because of this as Serena won the Wimbledon singles title earlier this month. She also teamed up with Venus to win the doubles event before that.
Both sisters have won five individual Wimbledon titles and recognized as the most dominant forces of nature at Wimbledon.
“I think it's exciting to be back so soon. Usually, we have to wait 12 months to walk back on Centre Court and kind of feel that moment that we kind of felt,” Serena Williams said. “So for me I'm going to be really exciting to have such a quick turnaround and get back on the grass where I love to play.”
Apart from their passion for winning gold at the Olympics, Venus Williams and Serena Williams are famous for shopping around the world. The duo is expected to do the same in London, but perhaps not in quantity. Due to the huge difference between the US dollar and the British pound, the Williams sister weren’t too much enthusiastic about spending their fortune in London. 
“We both obviously spend a lot of time in the London area,” Venus Williams said. “But I think Serena loves Paris, and I love Rome. … We get it done where the American dollar has a bit more impact.”
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