Sergio Garcia Managed To Blame His British Open Failure On Everyone But Himself

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At least when Peyton Manning threw his offensive line under the bus two years ago he had a point. However, in golf, there's no one else to blame but yourself. One player has made a habit of Monday major excuses and it just so happens to be the guy who keeps blowing his chances on Sunday.

As for his poor approach shot on 18, it wasn't that he didn't hit a good shot, it was the groundskeepers that made him wait.
"When you're one shot in front, hitting a 3-iron into a green where there's danger everywhere, having to wait at least 15 minutes to hit your shot doesn't help," he said. "It doesn't help at all. I wasn't very happy about that."
And apparently Sergio's putts were all good in enough to go in ... except for the simple fact they didn't.
"It's tough, mainly because I don't feel like I did do anything wrong," Garcia said. "I didn't miss a shot in the playoff and hit unbelievable putts. But they just didn't go in. "I don't know how I manage to do these things. It seems to me like every time I get in this kind of position, I have no room for error. … And I rarely get many good breaks. The birdie I made on No. 3, I made out of a divot in the fairway … and then I had putts … they all touched the hole."
Someone tell Garcia that golf is very black green and white. It's either in the cup or out, and only you're to blame.  Having spent a good deal of time on a golf course I understand the maddening nature, but you're only going to get worse when start thinking the course is out to get you alone.
"It's not the first time, unfortunately," Garcia said. "I don't know … I'm playing against a lot of guys out there, more than the field."
There's a good reason many, including myself, aren't big Sergio fans. No one likes a whiner. Garcia has all the talent in the world to win a major, the day he stops making excuses is when it will happen.
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7/24/07   |   Fat

Great post.  This pretty much sums up every reason that I hate Sergio.  I am surprise he didn't blame Mandy Moore.

7/24/07   |   kantwistaye   |   4216 respect

I understand losing a(nother) major like he did yesterday sucks and golf is just brutal to a golfer's mental stability, but he sounds like me when I'm out golfing.  The only difference is that I'm joking when I blame the course and everything else.