Sergiy Stakhovsky uses iPhone to argue call during French Open

Could an iPhone picture help Sergiy Stakhovsky overturn a call at the French Open?

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Blog Photo - Sergiy Stakhovsky uses iPhone to argue call during French OpenSergiy Stakhovsky was upset about a call at the French Open this weekend, and went about arguing it in a rather unconventional way.

He pulled out his iPhone, took a picture of the ball mark, and later tweeted it out to all his followers.

Unfortunately for Stakhovsky, there's pretty much no way he'll ever win any sort of appeal, and even if he could, it's over.

Still, it's interesting that he even gave it an attempt.

We already see some pretty high-tech replays in most tennis tournaments, with computer generated replays showing exactly where the ball landed and determining whether or not the ball hit the line.

Clay courts will always be a little different, because you can actually see ball marks on the surface, and you can see where the ball made impact after the fact. Such marks are obviously not available on harder surfaces.

I doubt this will ever make a difference, but who knows?

Maybe we'll see more players trying stuff like this, but I wouldn't count on it.

Here's Stakhovsky's tweet, in case you missed it:

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well... this will just slow down the match...whats next ordering lunch !!!