Seth Jones and Mike Smith with the goals of the night

10/20/13 in NHL   |   Eric_   |   7716 respect

Blog Photo - Seth Jones and Mike Smith with the goals of the nightI haven't noticed much due to the baseball playoffs, but the NHL season did begin earlier this month. While early regular season action doesn't always move the needle, there's always the potential for great goals, and there were two last night.

The first came from Predators rookie Seth Jones. Jones is the son of NBA player Popeye Jones, and was the 4th pick in the most recent draft. This was his first career goal, and it was a nifty one. Even better, it came with under 2 minute to play to win at Montreal on Hockey Night in Canada.


The other nice goal of the night came from Phoenix's Mike Smith. Why was it such an interesting goal? Because Smith is a goalie. With the Coyotes finishing off a win over Detroit, Smith flicked the puck towards the empty net and the clock ran out. Lo and behold, the puck went in, and with just 0.1 seconds on the clock. Clutch, Mike, clutch.

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