Seven Best Funny Ed Orgeron pictures and videos

Yaw yaw yaw yaw! Seven funniest Ed Orgeron GIFs, videos and Photoshops

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Blog Photo - Seven Best Funny Ed Orgeron pictures and videosHilarious Internet meme and NCAA football coach Ed Orgeron returns to the head coaching ranks this weekend as USC’s interim football coach. You heard all about the Lane Kiffin firing at USC, but you may not have heard that the job has been handed to Coach O for the remainder of the season. This is exciting news for Ed Orgeron's cult of fans who admire him not so much for his coaching skills, but for his meatball sideline antics and his reliable ability to deliver an "O face".

Coach O, or "Coach O and 8" as he was affectionately known by his Ole Miss fan base, has unintentional physical comedy skills beyond those of any comedian. But it's all motivated by Coach Orgeron's deep love for footbawww. This is a man who once verbally berated his players for attending class. So on this great occasion of Coach O being back in charge, let us revisit some of his greatest Internet videos and memes. Some are new, others are classic, and they all celebrate the gruff machismo and brilliance of now-USC head coach Ed Orgeron.

Coach O Hummer Commercial

Many Internet historians would argue that this 2006 commercial for the Rogers-Dabbs Chevrolet dealership in Brandon, Mississippi was the the true catalyst for Coach O mania. "Hey, I'm Coach O, I just love my Hum-ber" coach growls to begin this 32 seconds of comedy gold, a clip which I have personally watched perhaps 5,000 times over. It never gets old. "I believe the Hum-ber is the best vee-cle on the road," coach testifies.

The top rated comment is "I hope that mother f***** gets hit by a Hummer." 

Coach O as a Chippendale

Blog Photo - Seven Best Funny Ed Orgeron pictures and videosThis GIF originates from LSU Freek, a Louisiana State fan who has done yoeman's work creating hilarious animated GIFs referencing SEC football. This image is from 2009, that one year when Lane Kiffin was Tennessee head coach and Ed Orgeron served as his assistant head coach.

Based on a 1998 "Saturday Night Live" sketch with Chris Farley and Patrick Swayze, this GIF references Coach Orgeron's supposed habit of removing his shirt during practice to motivate his team. Good luck with that?

Boys we jus' gettin warmed up! Click on for more x's an o's from Coach O and his legions of Internet fans....
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