Seven things sure to happen during Game 7 of the NLCS

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Blog Photo - Seven things sure to happen during Game 7 of the NLCS

1. It's gon' rain! There's an 80% chance of precipitation in San Francsico, upping the possibility that this one goes well into the night. Plan accordingly, baseball fans.

2. Joe Buck will use the terms "resilience" and "unlikely hero" in reference to both teams, indicating he has no idea what the heck's about to play out on the field, and regardless of the fact that the deciding game of the NLCS is being played right in front of him, Tim McCarver will find something he finds more interesting to talk about, like the Chinese food in San Francisco or the changing of the seasons.

3. Despite being very far removed from the playoffs, Cubs and Dodgers fans will treat this as if it was their own Game 7, except with the usual nerves of a Game 7 being replaced feelings of anger and unfulfillment.

4. Despite poking and prodding from friends and family, Albert Pujols will insist he does not feel left out. He'll then lock himself in his bedroom for the rest of the night because "baseball's stupid."

5. As the game goes down to the wire, both managers will go National League all over their lineups ass, eventually leaving utility men us AL-folk have never heard of all over the field and a pitcher in the cleanup spot.

6. Carlos Beltran will do something spectacular, something he never would have done in a Mets uniform. Mets fans will remain down on life.

7. Detroit fans will migrate over to Game 7 an hour into Monday Night Football after realizing their Lions are no match for the Bears. Mere outs away from finding out who their Tigers will play in the World Series, they'll switch back to MNF upon hearing that Jay Cutler is Jay Cutlering all over the 4th quarter. Lost in the shuffle, none of these swing state voters will hear a word of the Presidential Debate.

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