Shaq will fight Jose Canseco in an MMA bout

Shaq accepts Jose Canseco's challenge to fight in MMA bout

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Shocking news from the "anything for a paycheck" department today, as retired NBA giant and TNT basketball analyst Shaquille O'Neal has reportedly agreed to a mixed martial arts bout with former MLB player Jose Canseco.

What started as your standard everyday Twitter smack has now escalated into smack that was actually spoken out loud. Shaq and Canseco, both of whom have limited MMA fight experience, have been angling for this celebrity boxing match since the last batch of alimony bills came due.

"I challenged (Canseco) a long time ago. If he wants it done, he knows where to find me," O'Neal told Reuters this week, while on a promotional tour for Dove Men + Care skin products.

Dove Men + Care skin products? Shaq, that is no way to intimidate anyone in the mixed martial arts scene.

O'Neal does follow the UFC closely, and has trained with legitimate MMA trainers later in his NBA career for conditioning purposes. O'Neal appeared as a playable character in the XBox and PlayStation game UFC Undisputed 2010. Shaq's mouth is certainly in good fighting condition.

"He can be high off whatever," O'Neal said of a bout with Canseco, "and I'll be high off Frosted Flakes."

Sounds like Shaq's divorce settlement is really cutting in to his performance-enhancing drugs budget.

Shaquille O'Neal is no stranger to taking this kind of bait. You might recall his two-season ABC reality show "Shaq Vs.", wherein O'Neal competed with actual professional athletes in their various chosen fields of expertise. The show saw Shaq challenging Ben Roethlisberger to a quarterback competition, Albert Pujols to a home run derby, and Joey Chestnut to a hot dog-eating competition.

Canseco, for his part, has been tweeting like mad about the potential match-up ever since getting banned by the Mexican Baseball League for refusing a doping test.

"I am going to fight shaq," Canseco declared via Twitter on Monday.

"When and where, so I can pray for the meteor to hit the place at the right time?," came the first smart-aleck reply.
Canseco had previously suggested on Twitter a four-man MMA tournament pitting himself against O'Neal, occasional MMA fighter Herschel Walker, and ex-heavyweight champ Mike Tyson. He proposed the event be called "Beef Bash 1".

A more appropriate title might be "Roid Rage 1".
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I just hope Shaq wrecks Canseco. They're both clowns, but Jose is a real A-hole too. At least Shaq is just out having fun.