Shaquille O'Neal Chokes Out Chuck Liddell Cardboard Cutout

Be Afraid, Chuck Liddell. Be Very Afraid... Of The Big Shaqtus.

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Shaquille O'Neal has been training for mixed martial arts for a while now. Lately, however, he has been calling out some pretty big names. The last one was former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell.

Finally, we got to see what would happen if the Big Aristotle and the Iceman matched up in the octagon. Obviously, Shaq would win by standing rear naked choke... as you can see in this video.

After that, Shaq wasn't done. He followed it up be calling out giant Hong Man Choi, the 7'2", 352-lb giant who beat Jose Canseco.

To be honest, I think Shaq could actually have a change against Choi. The guy's enormous, but that's really his only advantage. And against Shaq, that advantage is gone. Shaq is just as big, and also a lot quicker. This might actually be a good career move for the Big Diesel, if he's really interested in making something of this MMA thing once he's done with hoops.

Shaq Chokes Chuck Lidell [NESW Sports]
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3/16/11   |   chuckliddell96

I'm sure Shaq kicked his ass.   He's an ogre.  What's Chuck going to do take him down.   Stand-up would be ugly.  One punch knockout.

If you want to see a reeeeeeeal funny video with Chuck Liddell check out

10/3/09   |   fantasybeast24

joanhrhtq wrote:
shaq isn't agile enough to fight

shaq is more agile than a spider monkey

6/20/09   |   Mackson


6/20/09   |   naz_clarissa


6/20/09   |   Boomhaur   |   1 respect

shaq will would end up looking like a pretzel after i ate it.  he would not move fast enough and is to tall.  he needs to call out the three stooges that is closer to his skill level

6/18/09   |   cynthiamcbeth

Amen to that!!!!

6/18/09   |   joanhrhtq

shaq isn't agile enough to fight

6/16/09   |   claudiomota3

I would seriously pay money to watch shaq fight and dominate

6/16/09   |   BearcatFan   |   6 respect

Shaq could probably beat Jose Canseco, but Chuck?  I know Chuck has fallen in the past couple of years, but he could still own shaQ