Shaquille O'Neal Twitter Bashing LeBron James

Shaq Trash Talks LeBron Via Twitter

3/24/09 in NBA   |   Brinson   |   respect

Shaquille O'Neal has cooled his Twitter heels a touch in recent weeks, using the social media as a method of responding to various fans and building an incredible list of over 390,000 followers. You know, instead of using it to pick fights with Chris Bosh and let teenagers stalk him at 5 and Diners.

And he spent most of the evening hanging out, tweeting back at folks, including himself (it's Twittamentary!), when suddenly at 6 AM (EST), he seemingly ran across an old YouTube of Chad Johnson on the Budweiser Hot Seat and decided to utilize this to smack talk LeBron James.

Uh oh people lebron didn't make up the camera skit my main man chad johnson did look stop it at 55 seconds

Now, there have already been puh-lenty of questions about LeBron's ability to create original on-court actions (ahem, chalk toss) but this one seems a touch too much, no?

Not to mention almost entirely focused on reacting to the notion that LeBron's camera celebration was better than Shaq's bowling move with his teammates. And as for the idea that Johnson dominated with his photograph touchdown celebration, well, I'm not even sure that's remotely accurate.

Bron involved his entire team in a photo-celebration; Ocho Cinco just posed for a picture flexing his muscle. I'm not saying that this is Shaq abusing Twitter or just trying to stir up trouble by proliferating a mixed message to the masses.

But I'm only not saying that because I love having him in Twitteronia, if only because he makes things 1,000 times funnier, even when he's mocking my boy Charlie Villanueva -- the best athlete Twitterer in the land, for my money -- because he has a coach that bans anything and everything remotely fun around his basketball team, including headbands and Twitter at halftime.

The point of it all? Basically, Shaq's Twitter games are fun as all get out, but his starting beef with every other superstar in the NBA has officially crossed the dorsal fin at this point, and we'd all just be better off if he'd stick to getting his team in the playoffs. Or trying anyway.
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3/24/09   |   nachomax101

 He's really dumb to trash talk someone like that...jeez

3/24/09   |   grantalex40   |   29 respect


3/24/09   |   basketball_rox

Honestly...i kinda m lost on who's onto who man...why can't people just kiss & make's easy!!

3/24/09   |   KentuckyBoy21

The Whole Think Between James And Shaq is fucking funny, i mean there 2 gorwn ass ppl talking shit so i must say i dont like either fucking one so i could care less

3/24/09   |   sportsblognet

I wouldn't be suprised if Shaq warned Lebron about what he might say.  Shaq is all about figuring out ways to keep himself relevant and Twittering makes that very easy.

3/24/09   |   cjbaricevic


3/24/09   |   drn0iswatr   |   731 respect

it's cool - Shaq learned how to twitter from Villanueva. 

3/24/09   |   jmcarlos

It's sad really, Shaq needs to create controversy to keep the spotlight on himself.  His basketball skills no longer makes the headlines.

3/24/09   |   niseton

Shaq needs to be focused on playoffs and helping his team out. Having fun and playing is one thing, getting it done is what will matter overall.

3/24/09   |   Brendanc8504

i guess maybe because i don't twitter i don't really understand.

plus i am at work so i cant view youtube videos because of websense. In essence, what happened?

3/24/09   |   blondie45044   |   5873 respect

I don't see anything wrong with a little smack being talked as long as you can walk the walk!