Sharks and Kings diving video

Wait, they even flop in the NHL?

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Blog Photo - Sharks and Kings diving videoMy entire life, I've been conditioned to believe that NHL players are the toughest of the tough.

Hockey players are supposed to be the ones who get hit in the face with a puck and then get right up and keep playing.

They get sliced with a skate, apply their own tourniquet with tape from their stick, and then finish their shift like nothing happened.

You can probably imagine my shock when I saw that in this Sharks-Kings series, there was an absurd amount of diving going on, and players trying to embellish hits in order to draw penalties.

I was convinced that this sort of tomfoolery only occurred in the NBA. Clearly I was wrong. Check it out:

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This headline made me laugh. YES! NHL players ARE the toughest of the tough but flopping in the NHL can result in a power play for your team. I'm not saying I agree with it (it actually infuriates me) but it happens. I don't think it makes them less tough - just a little less likable.