Shaun Phillips a good fit for the Broncos

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsDuring the last offseason, Shaun Philips waited out to be drafted for the right time for the right money. He didn’t accept anything less and promptly declined any offers he thought were below his talent. And that wasn’t his first time doing it either. Going strong into his 10th year veteran in the NFL, he was aware of the waiting time that many others took as a bad omen and headed into the wrong direction. He was drafted in the fourth round of NFL 2004 Draft.
"In my mind, I was better than all those guys,” he said about the Draft.
The Broncos signed him up for a $1 million contract for a year. They needed someone to cover as a defensive end and a linebacker, someone who had adaptability and talent and Phillips was just the guy. After Elvis Dumervil left the franchise following a scandalous departure, they were in need of a player to fill in. Phillips did just the thing and in the starting 10 games scored 9 sacks that fell short by only two and a half to make a new career record. His presence in the locker room is also solid and is a player the team looks up to as a seasoned veteran with much to give.
Still, Phillips expressed his shock that teams weren’t going around and making the proper offer to get him rolling with them.
“For me, it was kind of shocking that more teams weren't calling me,” Phillips said. “I was coming off a good year. A few teams, obviously, made offers but they weren't anywhere near what I felt like I deserved.”
He is prompt to show that he has racked up 78½ sacks for the nine seasons he has played in the NFL which is by almost the highest from any player in the NFL 2004 Draft. His score of sacks comes second only to Jared Allen.
"You always need some sort of gas to fuel your fire, though," Phillips said. "Not everyone was out there saying, 'We want Shaun Phillips on our team.' It irked me a little bit, so you just go out and work that much harder to prove myself that much more."
Phillips diversity, adaptability on the field and veteran years in the NFL are something which is hard to come by these days in a player who is still willing to hit the field and compete to finish every season as a career high. The Broncos have been a good fit for him and he knew it, as he has said that he accepted a lesser offer than other teams from the Broncos because he knew he would do well with them.
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