Sherwood engages into dugout clash with Benfica boss in Spurs’ 3-1 defeat

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Blog Photo - Sherwood engages into dugout clash with Benfica boss in Spurs’ 3-1 defeat
Tottenham Hotspur manager Tim Sherwood boiled with rage as he lambasted against Benfica boss Jorge Jesus on Thursday. Sherwood suggested that Jesus “lacks class” following an intense touchline-clash between the two bosses in the last-16 Europa League tie at White Hart Lane.
In the end it was Jesus who had the last laugh as his side rampaged past Tottenham Hotspur with a well-deserved 3-1 victory. The visiting dominated the play just like they did in the first-leg, allowing their boss to goad in front of Sherwood.
A few of Jesus’ gestures weren’t well-received by Sherwood which resulted in a direct confrontation between the two managers. Jesus held up three fingers in front of Sherwood to signify the three goals his team had scored. The act sparked an immediate clash with Sherwood refusing to shake the hand of his counter-part after the game ended.
“I thought his team were very good and showed a lot of class -- it's just a shame he didn't,” Sherwood said in his post-match news conference. “In the first two minutes he was going over to the fourth official saying I was stepping in his box. Then he holds three fingers up when they score the third goal. It lacks class. Why would anyone do that? He's got a good side, of course he has, but not for me, thank you. I have no intention of speaking to him.
“He showed a lack of dignity. Waving three fingers up when they scored a third, waving goodbye, you have to put up with that unfortunately. You shouldn't have to.”
On the other hand Jesus insisted he didn’t have a problem with Sherwood and that the intensity of the game turned reactions into a dug-out episode. Jesus further stated that back home in Portugal such antics weren’t considered offensive.
“Maybe here in England the benches are too close compared to in Portugal,” Jesus stated. “In Portugal, we have more space and can express ourselves in our own way. When at some stage I invaded Tim Sherwood's personal space, he told me to go to mine. He did the same to me, but it's okay, it all ended quite friendly.”
Sherwood refused to be entertained or impressed by Jesus, but admitted that his side played well against his team. Sherwood now prepares for North London derby with Arsenal. The White Hart Lane boss understands that his future and reputation depends on this game.
The North London derby between Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal has always been a feisty affair of goals and emotions. It often depicts success and which team is more dominant in London. Sherwood is well-aware of the significance of the game and is preparing to line up a strong team for the game. 
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