Sherwood in the spotlight after recent 4-0 thrashing by Liverpool

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Blog Photo - Sherwood in the spotlight after recent 4-0 thrashing by Liverpool
Tottenham Hotspur coach Tim Sherwood responded to taunts and jeers from fans chanting “where is our manager?” by claiming that he wasn’t hiding from anyone. Sherwood, who came under fire after his team’s visit to Anfield resulted in a 4-0 defeat by Liverpool, insists he is responsible for the recent losses.
Sherwood watched helplessly from the stands as his team failed to break Liverpool’s defense at their home on Sunday. Sherwood who is usually a visible presence on the touchline remained hidden in the dugout as his side were thrashed to defeat by Liverpool.
The White Hart Lane boss, who has spent more time watching games from various directors’ boxes as of late, insists he had learnt a lot from the club’s recent defeat. Sherwood also added that he knew this was going to be an awful season for the Spurs, especially against teams in the top-four.
In the eight games Tottenham Hotspur have played against the top-four teams, Sherwood’s side has lost seven and taken only one point away through a draw. The London club has scored only two goals and in conceded an astounding 27.
With statistics like these no wonder the club’s supporters are drawing criticism at the way the club is being run.
“They are entitled to having their opinion,” Sherwood said. “Listen, I have sat up there for the last few games and I get a better view of the game and obviously it is a learning curve for me and when the team is not doing well they want to see you.
“They know me well enough to know that I am not shirking any responsibility here. I am in it with the team and it is my responsibility as well as [that of] the guys on the pitch.
“At 2-0 and the game going away from us and then 3-0 I think I am going to learn more about my players by sitting up there and getting a good look at rather than getting involved and maybe getting myself in trouble on the touchline.”
Sherwood admits he has seen enough of “ranting and raving” this season. Sherwood admits his team hasn’t been up to their usual standard and a lot needs to be done to get back up. Sherwood asked his played to hold faith in the team and continue to work hard and bring their best out on the pitch. 
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