Should Bosh Rush Back Against the Celtics?

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Blog Photo - Should Bosh Rush Back Against the Celtics?
The Boston Celtics exposed the Heat's lack of size in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals by pounding the ball time after time to Kevin Garnett.  The big man for the Celtics has somehow found the fountain of youth recently, posting up dominant numbers once again, with 24 points and 11 rebounds. 
'Throw it up,'" Celtics coach Doc Rivers said.  “There's nobody taller than [Garnett] on the floor; throw it up in the air, Kevin will go get it."
The Celtics played a high-low action all night long by throwing lob passes over the shorter Heat defenders.  As a result, the Celtics outscored the Heat 58-46 in the paint, something that did not happen in Games 1-2.  The Celtics look like they have finally found the Achilles Heal in the Miami Heat’s line-up.    
And unless the Heat get taller any time soon, the Boston Celtics will utilize their size advantage once again. 
"KG is a big guy, 7-footer,” said 6-foot Mario Chalmers.  “And then when he gets in the paint and extends his arms, he goes to 7-6.  We have to stick to our plan, not worry about him or let him get in our heads."
Spoelstra and the Heat can opt to double KG, but that will only open up the floor for Boston’s 3-point shooters.  What they really need is another big who can defend KG without any help defenders.  So, the real question that the Miami Heat have to be asking is, when will Chris Bosh be back?
Bosh strained his abdominal muscle on May 13th, but the timetable for his return is still undetermined.  Bosh, however, has participated in five workouts this week; a positive sign for a team with an eight man rotation.
"We don't know when Chris will be back,” said Lebron James.  “We're not going into next game hoping that he's going to be there, or whatever the case may be.  We have to prepare like he's not playing."
Lebron may have the right mentality to prepare for Game 4, but after barely winning Game 2 in overtime and definitively losing Game 3, a right mentality may not be enough.  If the Heat do not rush Chris Bosh back for the Eastern Conference Finals, it's very possible that there will be no trip to the Finals at all. 
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