Should North Dakota State Actually Be Favored Over Minnesota?

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Add this to the list of unlikely stories during the 2007 college football season. It might not rank with Stanford or Appalachian State but according to Jeff Sagarin's rankings, the North Dakota State Bison should be favored this weekend against Minnesota.

53  North Dakota State   AA =  73.28

95  Minnesota            A  =  64.32

There is no actual spread on the game due to the different divisions (AA vs A), but you'll find most spread in the vicinity of these numbers. Add 3 pts to the home team's rating and there's your line. Of course, Vegas adds a few more point here and there due to injuries, etc, but that formula is a good starting point. Thus, the Bison could be considered favorites.


Besides the obvious question: What the hell was Minnesota thinking when firing Glen Mason, will you be picking the Bison on Saturday?

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4/3/09   |   mrnkjangid

North Dakota, playing its best hockey of the season, defeated Wisconsin 3-2 in the play-in game between the fourth-seeded Badgers and fifth-seeded Fighting Sioux. North Dakota then came back with a strong performance against Denver, losing 2-1 in overtime. The Sioux also lost Robbie Bina when he was checked from behind into the side boards and suffered a fractured vertebra in his neck. Denver's Geoff Paukovich, who was given a minor penalty on the play, was suspended for the league championship game after league officials reviewed the videotape of the hit.

North Dakota also lost star forward Brady Murray with an aggravated shoulder injury, 15 seconds earlier, and played heroically the rest of the way with 10 forwards before losing the game, which was its second in an 18-hour span. When the Fight should have been completely out of the Sioux, they came back the third day and stung Minnesota 4-2 for the third-place trophy.

The Final Five has no special bearing on the NCAA Selection Committee, but North Dakota's courageous three-day run earned the Sioux all-tournament berths for winger Rastaslav Spirko and defenseman Nick Fuher, while Colorado College winger Brett Sterling and goaltender Curtis McElhinney also made the select six, and Denver center Gabe Gauthier ­ who scored both goals in the 2-1 overtime victory over North Dakota ­ and defenseman Matt Laatsch rounded out the all-tourney team. Sterling was named tournament MVP.

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