Should The Los Angeles Dodgers Bring Andre Ethier Off The Bench?

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May 29, 2013; Anaheim, CA, USA;   Los Angeles Dodgers right fielder Andre Ethier (16) in the dugout after scoring a run in the fifth inning of the game against the Los Angeles Angels at Angel Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY SportsThis is a question the Los Angeles Dodgers will be facing fairly soon: should they bring their long-time right fielder Andre Ethier off the bench?

In a word: No.

In two words: Absolutely not.

Andre Ethier is guaranteed $85 million, per the contract he signed last year, and it's this factor, and this alone that are making people uncomfortable because it likely means the team will try and play him.

However, as of this year, in 54 appearances, he’s had only 4 homers and 14 runs total.

All that said, the privilege to start in a game shouldn’t be determined by your paycheck, even if the organization did give you a stupidly big deal.

Yasiel Puig stunned onlookers during Spring Training, and then got sent back down to the Minors. Meanwhile, Ethier was helping the Dodgers with their loss column far more than wins.

So far, Puig has not only helped the Dodgers win games, but he’s re-energized the fan base, which Ethier hasn’t done since two seasons ago.

There’s another reason management will be tempted to play Ethier too. He’s clearly not playing like he used to, but, again, they gave him an $85 million contract which will make him hard to trade. The brains of this operation are likely going to try and trade him, but they need him to play, and play well in order to get teams interested.

The good and bad news is that it seems like Carl Crawford will be out for longer than his 15 days on the DL, but Matt Kemp should be back this week when he’s eligible on June 14th. This means it will be awhile until their outfield is back to full strength.

What needs to happen is the team needs to take an $85 million bath and let Puig play. Ethier’s heart hasn’t been with the Dodgers in years, and he even admitted several times within the last couple of years that he'd like to play elsewhere. If he doesn’t want to play, he doesn’t necessarily have to, and what’s his incentive anyway?

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Tho Dodgers sholud send this guy to another team. The Marlins suck and he would fit in.. He is now just a fill in MLB player...