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We should all take a minute today to thank the Good Lord above that the game was the thing that actually saved yesterday. Go figure. Had it not been for the game, the whole day would have been a total waste for everyone. And that's part of the problem with the Super Bowl these days. It's a showcase for anything and everything that has nothing to do with the game itself. The commercials. The halftime show. The endless hours of pre-game programming. It's all a mess, and it's got to stop!



That had to be the worst in the long line of halftime shows that's been forced down our throats since U2 gave it's inspiring performance in the first Super Bowl after 9/11. Don't get me wrong. That Beyonce chick can sing, and she's not too hard on the eyes either. But that's just while she's standing still. Once she starts to "dance", my eyes want to bleed. I have visions of a retarded rhino stomping around to no place in particular. It's worse than Elaine Benes at the J. Peterman Christmas Party. So bad that I had to turn it off. Totally unwatchable.



Then there were the commercials. Awful! Madison Ave. used to push all in for the Super Bowl, but the last couple of years lets us all know that either they just aren't trying anymore, or they are so devoid of any talent and creativity that they can't do any better. Of course, Budweiser hit the mark with the Clydesdale, and I even liked the Mercedes commercial with Willem DaFoe as Satan. Beyond that, it was all classless and juvenile and beneath me.



Is there anything the NFL can do about any of this? You bet there is, and if they don't, they're going to ruin the whole experience for all of us and not just the football fan that had been with them for the entire 20 weeks leading up to the big game. So, get off your butt, Goodell. Fix what's broke and fix it now. You're losing big time.



THE NBA (2-1 yesterday)

Yes, there is life after football!



SU WINNERS (2-1 yesterday)




TOTALS (2-1 yesterday)

OVER - Clippers/WIZARDS (187 1/2)

UNDERS - Magic/76ERS (192), Pistons/KNICKS (197), Bobcats/HEAT (199), Mavs/THUNDER (208 1/2), Blazers/WOLVES (192 1/2), Bulls/PACERS (176) and Kings/JAZZ (200)



BUTTA (1-0 yesterday)

At this point of the day, I don't have anything that I can pull the trigger on. I am looking at a couple of games that are still "possibles", but I'm going to need more information that I probably won't be able to get until very close to tip time. Stay tuned.




1. 76ERS (-7 1/2) over Magic - This is the game that I'm keeping an especially close eye on. The number has come down a full point from it's opener, and I can't explain why. There isn't anything earth shattering in either the trending data or injury report that would suggest such a move, so I'm just going to have to be patient. 76ERS 98, Magic 74

2. WIZARDS (+3) vs. Clippers - The Clippers and their glaring weaknesses have been shown the light of day for all of us to see recently. They should be able to beat the Wiz, but after their last couple of performances, how can anyone be sure? WIZARDS 105, Clippers 93

3. KNICKS (-10) over Pistons - The Knicks are enjoying a pretty soft spot in their schedule right now. The only real competition they've had on this homestand was against the Bucks. Beyond that, it's been Hawks, Magic and Kings. Tonight, that continues with a Pistons team that's not a good road team, will be closing a b2b tonight and will also be playing their 5th game in 7 nights. KNICKS 111, Pistons 78

4. HEAT (-13 1/2) over Bobcats - Another "no contest" type game. The only question is whether or not the Heat are actually interested in pulverizing the 'Cats. HEAT 106, Bobcats 83

5. THUNDER (-8 1/2) over Mavs - The way things have been going for the Mavs lately, you might think this looks like a pretty fair number. I'm not so sure. In Dallas' favor is the fact that, while they've only won 7 of the games, they've covered the number is 12 of their last 18 against the Thunder, and both games between these 2 teams this year have gone to OT. All I'm saying is be careful with this one. THUNDER 110, Mavs 97

6. WOLVES (-3) over Blazers - I know the Blazers really struggle when they're on the road, but I don't want to get involved with a Wolves team that's on a 1-game winning streak off a 6-game bender. WOLVES 94, Blazers 85

7. PACERS (-5 1/2) over Bulls - I don't know how long the Bulls can hold out with an injury depleted roster, but one thing's for sure: You're going to be in a dogfight with them regardless of who they put on the floor. On a good note for Chicago, it looks like Boozer will be back in uniform tonight, but this Pacers bunch is every bit as physical and rock'em, sock'em as the Bulls. This should be a great game, and I'm looking at Indiana as a potential moneyline play. I won't know until later, though, if that's going to be feasible. PACERS 88, Bulls 81

8. JAZZ (-8 1/2) over Kings - There's nothing impressive about either of these teams, so there's really nothing to talk about here. JAZZ 90, Kings 81



COLLEGE HOOPS (1-2 ATS/2-1 SU/1-2 TOTALS and 0-1 BUTTA yesterday)

I've got nothing going on at all tonight. Of the 3 games available tonight, the Iowa St. play looks like the best one. Oklahoma has overachieved all season long, but they're off a tough home loss on Saturday while the Cyclones played at home on Saturday. Also, Ames, Iowa has become a place where visiting team's dreams of victory go to die so far this season.



1. IOWA ST. (-5 1/2, U141) 76, Oklahoma 63

2. W. VIRGINIA (-5, O123 1/2) 71, Texas 60

3. PITT (-16 1/2, O125) 73, Seton Hall 54



That will do it and all with no Super Bowl hangover whatsoever. I'm sure many will agree with me that today should be a national holiday, but we probably have a long way to go to get to something like that. Have a great day, and I'll see you tomorrow.

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