Sidney Crosby’s Dilemma

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What to do when one has the potential and the chances of becoming a legend, becoming someone who has a long lasting and positive impact even after they are no more but they have to give it up after getting so close because their whole life is in extreme danger? Such is the case of one of the stars of the National Hockey League, Sidney Crosby, one of the best Canadian ice hockey players and the present captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins at the NHL. He is one of the best and on his way to become a legend for all times to come or else he has a fair chance of ending his blossoming career right away and become an example of someone who has had numerous concussions during his game. The choices are poles apart and Sidney could either be remembered or be looked down upon as a petty negative example.
One doctor at Toronto has recommended retirement for Sidney because the risk of not doing so is phenomenal and this isn’t the first suggestion of its kind.
This is definitely against the wishes of the NHL fans. Bosom player, eh!
Crosby has been away from his game for quite some time now. For about two seasons, to be specific. To make matters worse, this time it wasn’t only the concussion rather it was a broken neck which meant that even if Sidney would have decided to return to the game, he would have had a clear chance of suffering from paralysis or even worse.
This doesn’t reduce Crosby’s reputation as an extremely talented sportsman who can is a natural winner and a record breaker. Sadly, it’s the best case scenario and given the current affairs, this is one of those last things that could happen to him.
The other side of the story is highly dismal and likely, with permanent brain damage, early death or else he will spent his life as a living corpse and stay crippled.
According to a reporter, Crosby has a way out of his dilemma. He can become an ambassador for the National Hockey League and be a successful adviser on concussions and warn against its dangers. Although this is nothing like what he can actually achieve, his condition is an enormous hindrance to his potential accomplishments.
According to Crosby’s doctor at Toronto, Crosby’s leave would have several positive implications. He can still manage to take up the career of an ambassador and speak against head shots. This will minimize the extreme threat to his life and will have a positive impact on younger kids because his leaving the game will bring out the danger on the surface and caution the younger kids who might not understand the risks otherwise. Looking up a legend’s example has always worked. In addition, his retirement will warn NHL about the situation they have in place for quite some time now, in the context of head shots and its implications and Crosby’s retirement can mark an end of it altogether, since NHL can’t afford to keep losing players like him. On the other hand, staying in the game is extremely dangerous and this could end Crosby’s career and life altogether.
So what now, Crosby? 
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2/22/12   |   jplummer235

This is the most lies I think I have ever read on one page!!!!