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Well, that will be about enough of that. The sometimes laborious journey through the NBA regular season has come to an end, and has left us with 16 teams that still have big dreams. Of course, one by one, those dreams will be blown out like candles on a birthday cake. I think we all pretty much know how it's all going to play out in the end, or at least we have a very good idea anyway. There are some interesting and fun matchups in the 1st round, and yes, I said "fun". How can you not like that Nuggets/Warriors matchup. I'm also really looking forward to the Clips/Grizzlies as well. There's history there from last year, and the roles are reversed inasmuch as that Clips are the team with the home court advantage this year. I'll be very interested to see if the Griz can turn the tables on the other L.A. team and get some payback for what happened last season.


It will also be intriguing to watch how some teams respond in the 2nd season after stumbling their way down the stretch, and 2 of those teams, Pacers and Hawks, will be matched up in the 1st round. Another team that's limping in are the Spurs. San Antonio started to look old and beat up in the season's last week or so, and they draw the Lakers in the 1st round. There's nothing Pop likes better than sticking it to the Lakers, but does his team have the will left to do so? The pace the Lakers want to play out suits the Spurs, but how long can the Lakers hang on without Kobe? We used to look at the Lakers and wonder if there was going to be a team in any given playoff season that could beat them 4 times in a series. Now, the question has to be can the Lakers beat any team in the Western Conference field 4 times in a series?


I wanted to tell you yesterday about the interesting thing I overheard down in The Book on Tuesday night, but there was just too much to get to with the schedule. There's really not that much going on today, so here goes: So, I'm sitting there, minding my own business and watching the Rangers/Cubs game that I was on and won, by the way, when these 2 guys sit down behind me and start to talking about what they're seeing. All of a sudden, one says: "Hey, look. The Yankees are playing Arizona. It seems early for interleague play." I just about fell out of my chair, but the reply was priceless: "Yeah, I've noticed that a couple of other teams have already had interleague games too."


EGAD! I was able to control myself and keep from turning around and telling them what's what, but it was hilarious to me that these guys didn't know that we're going to have interleague games all season long with the Astros moving to the American League. At least the reply wasn't something to the effect of "Yeah, and it seems like the Astros are getting all their interleague games out of the way to start the season." That might have just sent me over the edge.


I understand that what I do is not everybody's cup of tea. That's fine. I'm not trying to appeal to the masses. What I do, I do for myself. I just put everything down here for those that might be interested and want some more insight into what's happening in the baseball, basketball and football games that we love. I can only provide the information and give my personal take on any given game. so that's how I try to help. But there comes a point when you, ultimately, have to make the decisions for yourself, and in a lot of cases, you need to do a little of your own legwork. I can't do it all for you, nor should you want me to either. These guys behind me the other night made things very clear to me: You do what you can, but you can't save the world because the world doesn't want, and doesn't think it needs, to be saved. With that it mind, we're down to just baseball now for the next couple of days. Here's what I've got for today.


THE SHOW (1-2 last night and 3-3 so far for the week)

Tough calls with some of today's games, but I feel like I've got the right one.


BUTTA (no play last night and 1-1 so far for the week)

Rays (Price -125) over ORIOLES (GONZALEZ) - Most games so far this season, the Rays look like they're swinging with a wet noodle at the plate, but they did get 6 last night. Half of that output tonight should be enough. The Price is right when David takes the bump against the O's. He's 6-2 lifetime against the Birds with a career 2.27 against them. He's also 22-8 in his career on the road against division teams.



1. Tigers (Verlander -175) over MARINERS (IWAKUMA) - It's always tough to pass on Verlander, but this isn't a good spot for his team. The M's aren't generating much offense, but the Tigers are in the middle of a long west coast swing with a day game after a 14-inning marathon last night and going for the series sweep to boot. That's too much for me to get past. If anything, the UNDER (6 1/2) might be a look. I just don't want it.

2. Giants (Cain -130) over BREWERS (GALLARDO) - I feel like the Brewer bullpen is going to catch up to them today and allow The Champs to avoid being swept today. Gallardo had some personal issues last weekend, so I wonder where his focus is going to be, and he hasn't been great to start the season anyway. He is, however, 5-3 lifetime against the G-Men with a 2.96 ERA, and he's 11-1 over the last 2 seasons when he gets the ball after a Crew win.


BROOMOLOGY (0-3 ATS & 0-3 SU yesterday and 4-6 & 3-7 so far for the week)

Even though the Angels and Twins were rained out last night, the Reds did win that suspended game from Tuesday, and they obliterated the Road Dog Phillies in the regularly scheduled game. That's why we still had the 3 offerings yesterday.


Road Dogs (2-2 ATS & 1-3 SU so far for the week)

D-Backs (+1 1/2) at YANKEES

Mets (+1 1/2) at ROCKIES


Road Favorite (1-1 ATS & SU so far for the week)

Giants (-1 1/2) at BREWERS


Home Dogs (1-0 ATS & 0-1 SU so far for the week)

INDIANS (+1 1/2) vs. Red Sox

MARINERS (+1 1/2) vs. Tigers


I don't know who does the "marketing" for the NFL, but you have to admire the way the league keeps itself relevant even in the offseason. Just one day after the end of the NBA's regular season, when everyone should be getting excited for the playoffs, here comes the NFL with the big releason of the 2013 schedule tonight, and they've made a big prime time show of it. Then the draft is in a couple of weeks, just as we're ready to turn into May and hit the meat of the baseball season. Nice job, guys!


Have a terrific day, everybody! I know I will. See you again tomorrow.

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