Slow Ride

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I've got the three R's going for me as we jump into the long weekend that is common during football season:  Rested, relaxed and rejuvenated.  Of course, it helps a lot that I was able to see, seize and sneak away with one on the Dodgers on Monday night.  It's always a lot more relaxing to watch the world go by for a couple of days when you're on the high side for the week, and I am.  Let's get going.
THE NFL  (6-7 so far for the week)
BEARS (-7 1/2) over Giants - This number looks like the biggest trap I've seen so far in the NFL season.  From what we've seen out of the Giants, this certainly looks like an easy number to reach for a Bears team that's lost 2 in a row, including last week at home.  The fact of the matter is that maybe the Bears just aren't good enough to warrant this number.  They are starting to show signs of growing pains under a new coaching regime, I sitll say their defense isn't all that good and that last point is only exacerbated by the fact that they've lost 2 starters off that D-Line over the last couple of weeks.  So, naturally, not wanting anything to do with this spread, I started to look at the TOTAL (48), but I don't want anything to do with that either.  The Bears just don't normally play OVER at home, but with the problems of both defenses, that would really be the only way to look.
COLLEGE FOOTBALL  (30-25 last week)
BUTTA  (2-2 last week)
1.  San Diego St. (-175) over AIR FORCE - Watching last week's Aztec game against Nevada made me worry a little bit about the number hung on them for this game on the road (-4), but they do look like the better team here.  Their new QB has a good feel for the game, and they now have a 2-headed monster at RB, and that will be crucial in the thin air of Colorado Springs.  The Falcons haven't played defense all season, and they're now down to their 3rd string QB.  Coach Long of the Aztecs also has had a good feel in his career in the Mountain West for putting the brakes on the Air Force option, so State is the way to look here.  However, I don't want to have to worry about them covering a number.  Just win the game, baby!
1.  Rutgers (+19) at LOUISVILLE - I love The Ville, and I love their QB.  I think he should be the leading Heisman contender, and I believe he'll be the 1st QB taken in next year's NFL draft.  With all that said though, this Rutgers bunch has been feisty all season long.  They just don't let teams get away from them.  The problem, however, is the fact that the Knights are off a 3OT game, it's a short week for them AND they have travel as well.  None of that is good for the Rutgers cause.  I'll pass on this one.
2.  Arizona (+6) at USC - Maybe the coaching change in the Land of Troy will help, but I'm not about to do anything at all with the Trojans right now.
Let's not forget about baseball either.  We've got one more LDS game out in Oakland tonight, and then it's on to the LCS this weekend.  Isn't this a great time of year?  Have a great rest of your Thursday.  If you're starting your weekend early, be careful out there.  I'll see you tomorrow.
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