Smith “happy" for "teammate's success” amid QB controversy

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Alex Smith has endured a lot of quarterback competition at the starting spot since the beginning of his career and even into the current season (Tim Rattay, Shaun Hill, Troy Smith, and Colin Kaepernik). However, the San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback has always maintained a cordial relationship with teammates competing at the starting spot, with the belief that the efforts ultimately aid in team chemistry building. That’s why, with another starting quarterback competition at its brim, you still won’t come across the ugly criticism and rumors associated with  the New York Jets arising from the San Francisco 49ers’ locker room.

But was Alex Smith at least surprised that San Francisco 49ers coach John Harbaugh was considering starting Colin Kaepernick at quarterback in his absence? 

"No…that's his call. Colin played great. Stepped up and played really well on a big stage vs. a good defense,” said Alex Smith. “Like I said, it comes with the territory." 

With Alex Smith back on practice field sporting a black, no-contact jersey this Wednesday the starting quarterback competition is again heating up, but Smith sees no reason for taking things any differently this time as well against Colin Kaepernick.

"In my opinion, if you can't be happy for your teammate's success, you're playing the wrong sport," stated Alex Smith. "Go play tennis or golf or something. It's ridiculous, I think. That doesn't belong in team sports, in my opinion.” 

Although Colin Kaepernick led the San Francisco 49ers to a dominating 32-7 win over the Chicago Bears with Alex Smith still struggling with the symptoms of concussion, there doesn’t appear to be a change in the team’s quarterback dynamics. Jim Harbaugh seems optimistic about starting Alex Smith as soon as he attains the team’s medical clearance, but Colin Kaepernick could again start this Sunday.

Alex Smith attempted a return against the Chicago Bears on Monday and took majority of eth first team snaps last week. But after the concussion symptoms reemerged the San Francisco 49ers decided just a day before the game to give Colin Kaepernick a start.

"I tried to push it and went out and practice and I just wasn't right and the doctors didn't end up clearing me," Alex Smith recalled his series of setbacks since sustaining the concussion in Week 10 against the Houston Texans. "Ultimately the decision came down to me and my health and was I ok. And I didn't feel like it was something to tough through… Tried to push it earlier in the week and there were still some lingering things." 

“Hopefully, the doctor is going to clear me,” Alex Smith added optimistically. 

Alex Smith is possibly onto a career-bets season after leading the San Francisco 49ers to wins in six of seven games and posting over 156 passer rating in two games this season.

So does Alex Smith see the starting job as his if given the medical clearance? 

"I guess you don't expect anything. This is the nature of the game. The next guy steps up and plays well,” expressed Alex Smith. “That's part of the deal in this game. Competition is part of it as well. Don't know what's going to happen."

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