Smooth sailing for Real Madrid in 3-0 victory over Galatasaray

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Blog Photo - Smooth sailing for Real Madrid in 3-0 victory over Galatasaray
Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho reckons his side were better at defending rather than attacking in spite of cruising to a 3-0 victory in the first-leg of the Champions League quarterfinal battle with Galatasaray.
The victory was a walk in the park for Real Madrid, who scored twice before half-time and later added a third, as they half-cleared themselves for entry into the Champions League semifinals.
Cristiano Ronaldo drew first blood with Karim Benzema adding the second for Real Madrid before the interval. Gonzalo Higuain later came up with Real Madrid’s third goal.
Jose Mourinho’s former star Didier Drogba came close to scoring on a couple of occasion, but Ivorian was able to strike gold. After Wesley Sneijder got benched at halftime, Galatasaray came up with fewer attacks.
“I think we played seriously. The Spanish press were not so respectful in relation to Galatasaray but we were very respectful,” Jose Mourinho told Sky Sports after the game had ended.
“We knew they were a good team with fantastic strikers; they had danger and we prepared very well from a defensive point of view.
“We defended better than we attacked because in attacking terms I think we lost the last ball, the last pass, we had easy transitions - three against three, three against four - we could have scored more goals.”
Jose Mourinho knew Real Madrid’s impressive performance had helped gain access to the semifinals, yet the Portuguese gaffer was wary of the second-leg at Istanbul.
“If you score a goal they have to score five,” Jose Mourinho continued. “I think the result is very good but in football I saw so many incredible things that nothing can surprise me and Istanbul is a difficult place to play.
“They have players with lots of experience, players with character, I think they will fight very hard against us. We have to go there very seriously because it is the only way to go through.”
The former Chelsea and Inter Milan manager also talked about his reunion with Didier Drogba and Wesley Sneijder, both of whom signed up for Galatasaray this season.
“I was with them at the end of the match, (Didier) and Wesley. They are family - they weren't during 90 minutes but they are family,” Jose Mourinho added. 
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