Snag concept continues to gain popularity in college football

Catch a Defense With Snag Routes

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The Snag concept is considered one of the more effective concepts out there against multiple types of coverage. It's particularly useful against zone coverage.

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The image above is the basic Snag concept. The receiver has a seven to eight yard split, a typical split when a crossing route is being run, and he runs a diagonal stem to about five yards and sits down in a zone while the running back runs a shoot route or also known as a flat route to an open area.

One may ask, how does the receiver know when to sit down in a zone (what Bobby Petrino calls his "Look" Route)? The way for a receiver to know is to read the play side linebacker. Once the play side outside linebacker runs across the face of the receiver running the route, he sits down and looks at the quarterback. The play side linebacker is likely to cross the face of the wide receiver because of the flat threat made by the running back. The quarterback's job in this is to read High to Low. He reads the wide receiver and if the receiver isn't open, he checks down to the running back in the flats. Over the past few years, we've seen passing offenses evolve; going from the normal Ace personnel (2 WR, 2 TE, 1 RB) to Empty sets (5 WR's, no RB, no TE). We're seeing a lot of spread offense principles implemented in NFL passing offenses and we're seeing a full-blown spread offense at the college level. Teams are increasingly shotgun more than ever and passing concepts are becoming more and more sophisticated to beat the defense. The Snag concept is more popular than ever.  Houston, Illinois, Ohio State, Oklahoma State, and Southern Mississippi have all had success with its use.
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Piss on Bobby Petrino! This info will help me on Madden, I believe. I've been playing like this years, with no real insight into why it does or doesnt work, as long as I win.

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 I always love your insight and the way you help explain the game to people bro. Your articles are based in fact and principles currently being used and you never shy away from counter-pointing your own points in order to make the big picture come in clearer for a lot of people. I wish I had your descriptive eloquence. As always, thanks and don't stop.

10/20/11   |   kobe_lova   |   62320 respect

 Bill! Hi. (im too lazy to read this now, but as always, I will.)